Morning Bright and a Sale

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna hereI am linking up with the fabulous Christina
for a super cute and fun linky….high school style!
I don’t know about you but I was quite popular at my high school,
probably because I went to school with the same people since elementary school and I knew E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y!
I was even voted Most Loquacious
which is a way to say that I never shut my mouth!
Now that I am a teacher I understand just how much I annoyed my teachers….

Here is my who’s who

Teacher’s Pet: Centers are a must in primary classrooms and can be a pain to set up and organize. I love, love, love centers and I enjoy the process of organized them. I put together a comprehensive pack of everything you will need to set up and start centers in your classroom. The pack includes instructions on how to plan centers, how to set them up, labels and posters for organization and much more! Ā Interested?! You can check it out HERE

Most Likely to Succeed: Keep reading down below šŸ™‚

Best Couple: Simple and an easy way to get the littles to practice color words and number words. My kiddos love when I let them cut and paste so this is the perfect way to get them to practice those much needed skills in a fun way! Click HEREĀ and HEREĀ Ā to check them out


I start school in 2 weeks and I have been desperately trying to get everything done.
My to do list is still crazy long but I did mange to get my September Morning Work done
I love to have my littles come in and get started with something academically focused.
Research says that when students come in and have a specific and focused task they tend to do better for the rest of the day.
When my students come in they grab their morning work and get right to work.
To check out what I do for my morning routine check out my blog postĀ HEREPeeps, I am so excited about this pack. This truly was a labor of love and will save me so much time when planning. I don’t know about you but I would always run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find morning work. It was taking way, W.A.Y. too much time!
I wanted to create my own morning work because I wanted something that was systematic and challenged my littles. I Ā needed a way to incorporate those foundational kindergarten skills into our everyday routine and this morning work is going to be perfect for that.
I don’t know about you but many times my students need extra practice with certain skills and with all the curriculum that needs to be covered sometimes the instruction moves a little too fast for some. I wanted to create something that my students could use to practice those needed skills over and over.

So here it is


I am so excited about my littles doing this morning work!
Probably way, way more than I should be šŸ™‚
You can check this pack out on
* Make sure to download and see the 13 page preview*
TpTI also have a September Morning Bright Math Pack



Click HERE or Ā HERE to check it out



Ā are you still with me?!
Almost done
I promise
Pinky promise
I am also finishing up my room decor
I wanted to spiffy up my Good morning and goodbye poems.
I use these before I start my morning meeting and before we go home. It is a great way to get everyone settled before we start our lesson or leave for the day. These are the ones that I used for the last 2 years and they were in dire need of a makeover.
The new ones are super duper purdy!
I am in love with them
* Please excuse the fact that Grizzly is missing an “l”. The download has the correct spelling*


These are posted on my FB fan page for FREE
Click the fans only tab to get themI will be posting the Goodbye poem also on my FB page whenever I get my butt in gear and finish them up.

Last piece of business

I am having a sale

Use the code on TpT to get up to 28%


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Click HERE to shop TN ( no code needed for TN)
Happy shopping
Peace out Peeps

6 Replies to “Morning Bright and a Sale”

  1. Very cute! Love all the stuff you make … such great ideas. One quick question, though … is Grizzy Bear actually supposed to be Grizzly Bear with an "l" in it? I noticed on the old poster you used it had an "l", but on the new poster it didn't. Not a huge big deal, but thought you might want to know. Hope you have a GREAT year! šŸ™‚

  2. Your good morning poem is FABULOUS! My students always get a Bye Bye rhyme at the end of the day that they love, so I'm excited to introduce your rhyming greetings to them. Thank you for sharing the resource. It looks fantastic.

  3. Thank you for sharing the Good Morning Poem. It looks FABULOUS. My students always get a Bye Bye Rhyme at the end of each day, so I'm excited to introduce your rhyming greeting!

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