Dollar Tree Math and Literacy Centers

 Hi peeps! I hope you had an amazing Spring Break and recharged your batteries.
I used my break to plan out the next couple of weeks in my classroom. 
My students needed some extra CVC and sight word practice so I created some fun word searches for them. 

I am planning to use the  CVC, Fry Sight Words, and Dolch Word Searches to send home as homework with littles. 

Over the break I made a little pit stop at the Dollar Tree, which is NEVER a good idea, and saw some vases and gems and had an idea for a few centers for our Ocean Week. 
I picked up 2 vases, I will use these for fishbowls, and 2 packs of rounded, clear gems. 
I pulled out my Sharpies and got right to work. I wrote letters on one set and numbers on the other. It took me a few tries to get the lettering right, hello spring break brain and writing backwards, but after about an hour I had all the stones written on. I think that my students are going to be thrilled with their new centers. 
Here is a quick look at the centers that my students will use this week. 
This center is to help my students practice short vowel sounds. I used colored Sharpies to write the vowels on the stones and placed them into the fishbowl. Students will pull a stone, find a picture to match the vowel sound, and use the bingo dot marker to dot the picture the same color as the vowel on the stone they pulled. 
This center is to practice ordering letters. Students will pull 3 stones and write the letters in the correct order
Some of my students are still struggling with this skill so I included an Alphabet Line for those who need the extra support. 
For this next center you will need 2 fishbowls. Place all the consonants into one of the bowls and all the vowels into the other. In this center students will practice building CVC words and will determine if a word is a real or nonsense word. 
Students will pull 2 stones from the consonant bowl and one from the vowel bowl. 

Students will then order the letters, write it, and use a dot marker to determine if the word is a real or nonsense word. 

For the number word center place numbers 0-10,11-20, or a mix of numbers into the fishbowl. Students pull a number and write the number word. 

Next up is the addition and subtraction center. Students pull a gem and find a problem on their printable that equals the number on the stone. 
Before and After Center 
 Making Ten using Goldfish
or in my case Whales because I forgot to buy the Goldfish

You can pick up all these centers by click the picture below. 
Have an amazing week peeks!
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