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Can you believe that writing is one of my least favorite subjects to teach?
I think I had such a disdain for it because it can be so tedious and many times I always feel like my hair is on fire and my students are just looking at me like….
Writing, to me, can often be dry and boring. Writing was never interesting to me as a kid. My teachers would always just hand me a pencil and say, “write!” 
My response would always be to write what?! I had nothing to write about.
I mean I was a kid
My life wasn’t really that interesting. 
I find that my littles say the same thing. 
They are so uninspired and feel like they don’t have anything to write about. 
Over the course of the year I created several printables, here and there, to spice up and inspire my littles to write. 
Click on any of the pictures below to snag these writing freebies. 

Peace Out Peeps
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  1. Thank you!! I have trouble with writing, too. After watching some others on youtube I got some ideas and have improved, but still feel like I'm clueless.

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