Morning Work Bundle and a Freebie

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here

It has been a long time.

I am thoroughly enjoying this Winter Break.

It is much needed.

I have spent the majority of the break finishing up my Kindergarten Morning Work Series.

I have blogged a couple times about my morning routine with my students and morning work is a

huge part of that routine.

The morning work has been such a time saver for me when planning. I don’t know about you but

I would always run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find morning work.

My students can come in any time for 7:10 to 8:00 and it would always be such a challenge to find

meaningful and engaging activities for them to do while waiting for the day to begin.

I wanted to create my own morning work because I wanted something that was systematic and

challenged my littes. I needed a way to incorporate those foundational kindergarten skills

into our everyday routine and this morning work has been perfect for that. I

have seen so much growth and retention over the past couple of years using this morning work

with my littles.

Many times the curriculum moves a little too fast for some and I noticed that my students needed

extra practice and review and my goal and aim with the morning work was to do just that.

When my students come in they grab their morning work and get right to work. 
Their morning work is completely independent and cycles through almost all essential kindergarten

skills. The progression of skills always students to not only practice but also master

these essential skills.

Here is a quick look at sample pages from both the Math and Literacy for Sept-May.








There are 3 different bundles available


If you are interested click on the pictures above.
The bundles are on sale this week only! 
If you would like to try the MW out there is a sample 2 week FREEBIE posted in my store

Peace Out Peeps

and enjoy your Holiday Season.

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Something is Starting to Happen {Freebies}

Hiya peeps
Shuna here
Summer has quickly been slipping away.
It is almost August! How in the world did that happen?
I wanted to stop by and show you a little of what I have been frantically working on. 

This is the beginnings of a put together classroom. This room was a complete and utter mess. There was stuff everywhere. It was like where all the unwanted classroom items came to die. There was stuff stacked up in every corner. I was starting to question if the room even had a floor! 
I have spent the last couple of weeks just organizing the choas. I wish I had taken before pictures but…
I wanted to share so things that I have made for mine and my sissy’s class.
I made some really simple focus wall cards for her BB 
You can snag them HERE

As part of my behavior management plan I really want to use coupons.
So I created some simple, easy, and little to no cost reward coupons. 
These will make my life so much easier this upcoming year. 

My sissy’s classroom has a grand total of 1 Bulletin Board, 1 white board, and 1 small window. 
There is very little space to hang and display anything. 
I will never, ever, complain again about what is NOT in my classroom 
She did not have enough space for a super large word wall so we had to cram it in the space right next to the rest room. 
If you would like the header you can snag them HERE

I wanted to spiffy up my Good morning and goodbye poems.
I use these before I start my morning meeting and before we go home. It is a great way to get everyone settled before we start our lesson or leave for the day. 
You can snag this poem HERE

You can snag the poem HERE
Below are so new items that I have in my store
Click each picture to check it out
Gray Alphabet Posters

Black Alphabet Posters
Number Posters
Back to School Editable Powerpoint
This is a freebie posted in my store. 
{It come in a black background as well as a white one!}
Editable Clip Chart with behavior notes and calendars.
Classroom Coupons
Phonics Posters 
Classroom Rules
Classroom Newsletters
Peace Out Peeps

Writing Centers All Year

Hiya Peeps, 
Do you struggle with keeping your writing centers fresh and engaging? I don’t know about you but 
I would always wait and plan my writing station last because I just didn’t enjoy it. 
 This year I wanted to approach my writing center differently. I wanted to make it
a go to station for my students that would both fun and engaging. 
Writing has ALWAYS been my least favorite center to plan for and I absolutely dreaded it. 
My students dreaded that center as well. I knew that I wanted to approach writing differently 
this year so I sat down and thought hard about how I wanted my station to run. 
This year I plan to have a writer’s choice center. 
Getting kinders excited about writing can be a task! I plan on introducing each writing activity to the 
students slowly then give them the option to pick which activity they would like to complete
instead of just telling them. This will allow for differentiation as well as allow the students
to be more in control of what they do. 
I wanted to create a comprehensive pack that not only made setting up the center a cinch but would 
also cover writing skills throughout the whole year. 
Some things that are included with the Write Away pack is: 
Picture Dictionaries that color in both color and black and write. These are perfect because they 
 will not only assist students with spelling words but they will always help foster independent writing 
because students will not have to stop writing, come find you, and ask you how to spell
a word. I printed out the black and white version for my table groups for students to use when 
completing writing at their tables. The colored version is going into a binder that will be placed 
in the writing center. 
The dictionary also has a list of sight words, Dolch, organized alphabetically. 

-Writing Goals
-Illustration Guide
-4 Star Writing
-and more
Monthly Journal Covers 
 Journal Prompts
Opportunities for students to practice writing using fun and engaging activities.
There are completed samples, to use as posters/modeling, for each kind of writing activity as well as 
 templates for students to use to make their own. 

 How To Writing


I Can Posters

This unit as well as every other item in my store is on sale!
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Word Family Flip Books

Hiya peeps, 
Around still around? It has been a long time, almost a year, since I last posted. 
Life happened, and happened, and happened. 
But anywhoo
I wanted to stop by and share a new freebie. 
I have been using word family poems/short stories in my own classroom and a lot of you all have 
asked me where I got them from and if I would share them. 
Here is an example of the poster. 
I used these during whole group to introduce and review each word family. 
I wanted some additional activities that they students could use in small group, guided reading, or as
 homework practice so I created some flap books that go along with the poems. 
Each day the student will complete a different activity based on the poem. 
On Friday they practice writing a sentence using 2 word family words
{Apparently I forgot to snap a pic of that page}
Click the pic below to pick these flip books up as a freebie! 
*One last thing
I am having a huge sale in my store. Now is the perfect time to pick up those goodies that have been
 sitting on your wishlist!

Peace Out Peeps

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