Learning Sight Words Centers

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I haven’t blogged in a LONG, LONG time!

I wanted to do a quick blog post with some of the stations I have used to help my kiddos learn their sight word. 

In my classroom my kiddos struggle with spelling words/sight words. So in order to make this station more fun I have the kiddos first sing their spelling word song from http://mrsjonesroom.com/songs/alphlist.html#spell

If you would like to see a breakdown of how I teach sight words over the course of a week you can click here

 Basket Ball /  Bean Bag Toss
I have a set of foam ball/ping pong that have letters on them students must first read the spelling word on the flashcard. Students then toss the basketball/foam balls in the basket spelling the word. For example students must first read the word jump on the flashcard if they get it right they then shoot the word in the goal, trashcan, first starting with the j ball then the u ball and so on.

You can see another version of this idea here.


This is always a hit with my littles. It is a super easy station to set up and it is effective.
I put the playdough mats in a sheet protector and binder so that the littles will have easy access to the words. These mats are available here.

Bottle Top Spelling
I like to write the words on one set of bottle tops then have the students pull letters to spell the word. This is a super easy center and easy to make.

Here the students create tactile words using old alphabet posters. This is great for those visual learners. 

Dot Markers

I use these to assess during my guided reading groups. These are great to put in a RTI binder. Simple and easy assessment on sight word recognition. You can find these here.

I have noticed that my kiddos are weak with spelling their sight words and remembering them.

I have posted many times about how I do spelling. ( Click here to peep out how I teach spelling) In kindergarten we have weekly spelling test, boo, which are based off our sight words. For my kiddos this has been a constant struggle to get them to learn their words

This year I have implemented something that I call spelling exercise

The kids really enjoy this time and they get to be “silly” but they are still learning at the same time

Here are a few photos, a by few I mean a lot, of us moving to learn
With each exercise the kiddos have to do the exercise while spelling their word 3 times

Let me just say I am sorry the pics are soo dark. I am a bat and I hate having the lights on in my room! I forgot to turn them on before I started snapping pics!

You may proceed

1. Kiddos are jogging to spell their word

2. I believe they are still jogging
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Love this action shot! This is frog Hops

5. More Frog Hops

6. Bicycle
 7. More Bicycle
 8. Kangaroo POunce
 9. Squats!

10. Toe Touch

Some of my other spelling exercises that are not posted are

crawl like a turtle ( get down on all fours and crawl slowly while spelling the word)
swim like a fish ( Arms out to side and push back My kiddos like to blow up their jaws too)
hop like a monkey ( arms curled under and jump up and down)
Truck Driver ( Drive an invisible car and try not to crash while spelling the word)
Elephant ( Stomp while spelling the word)
Snake ( sliter body from side to side while laying on the floor)
King Kong ( pound on chest while spelling)
Tug a war ( Partners sit on floor facing each other holding  hands and pull)
Kick ( High Kicks)
Spin ( spin around while spelling the word)
Shake ( Shake to the front and shake to the back)

Mrs. Collatos @ First Grade is Toadally Awesome made some cute little cards to go with each spelling Exercise!

You can check them out here for free!

Fire Safety Week

Hiya Peeps
September is quickly slipping away! 
Fire Safety week is approaching. I love teaching my littles about being safe and getting to visit out local fire department. 
Here are some videos, books, and resources that I use to make fire safety week fun. 
Chip and Dale’s Rescue Ranger
Sesame Street and the FDNY
Here are some of the resources that I plan to use next week. 

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