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I recently went to IKEA to get some stools for my classroom but somehow I ended up in the lighting aisle. 
I picked up these two cuties
Don’t have the slightest idea where I am going to put these but they were too cute to pass up.
I can’t believe it is back to school time already! This summer has gone by so quickly. 
I still have a couple more weeks of summer break but I know that many of you have already gone back.
One thing that I wanted to do this summer is to rethink my centers. My students love our stamping station 
but last year it was kinda lax and random. So I knew that I have to come up with a way make my 
stamping station more engaging and educationally focused. 
Stamping stations are one of the easiest centers to set up and change out. 
I create my stamping pack so students will have stamping printables to work on throughout the year. The
 pack is broken down into beginning, middle and end of the year skills. 
Here is a peak 
Check out my cute little stamps that I got from Hobby Lobby! 

Here is a look at some of the  skills included
One of the things that my littles have the most trouble with is b/d/p/q confusion. There are several pages 
within the pack to practice this skill.

Alphabet Skills: Students combine writing, letter identification, stamping and cutting skills. 
Name Writing and Recognition
Say and Stamp: This is a great way to infuse your stamping station with a little CVC word practice. Students will say each picture and stamp the correct CVC word in the box.

There are also lots of rhyming word practice sheets included.

Students spin and stamp the correct short vowel sound.

Sight Word Practice

More sight word practice this time with sentences.

There are also pages for students to practice stamping nouns and verbs.

Sound Substitution
Students practice flipping one sound to build a new word.

If you would like to check out the stamping pack click the picture below.

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