Winter Centers

Hiya Peeps
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I has been awhile since I have blogged…..
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I hope that everyone have a fantastic holiday season.
I got to go back home to MS and I had a blast. 
We had a giant onesie party on Christmas day.
Here is me in my sassy onesie!

Moving on
I spent part of my winter break getting my centers printed and laminated so they are ready to go. 
Here is a quick peak at some of my winter centers. 
Huge stack all laminated and ready to be cut.

*Snowman’s New Shoes
For this center the students are going to pick a snowman and read the color and number word. The littles then match the correct shoes to the snowman and add the correct amount of buttons. Some of my littles will be working on numbers 1-10 while others will work on 11-20.
*Chilly Ten Frames
This is a fast paced matching game. Students flip over the cards and match the number to the correct ten frame. Students then color the correct amount on the tens frame. 
* Icy Vowels
This is a partner game. Students pull a silent e card and read it. Students then find the picture that matches their word. If the word is read correctly students cover the picture with their pom pom balls. 
* I Love Winter Pocket Chart
Students use the I Love Winter story card and students build the story. 
Students then record their answers

*Tallying in Wonderland! 
Students pull a card and count and tally each picture
*Baking “L” Blends
Place a cookie sheet and spatula in this fun station. 
Students flip over blend cookies and match them to the correct stove. 
*Snowman Sentences
Students practice their sentence skills by unscrambling the word cards to make a sentence. Students then record their answers. 

*Penguin Claps
My students love this station! I stock the station with bingo dot markers and gloves. Students put on their gloves and pick a card. Students then clap out their syllables and record their answers. 

*Shiver Me Timbers
Students pick a card and add the problem on the bear. Students then find the correct coat and match it to the bear.

*Icy Subtraction
Students pick a card and read the subtraction problem. The littles will then scoop that amount of ice cubes into their ice tray. To demonstrate taking away students will scoop out the correct amount and record their answers.

*Winter Words
A write the room station

All of these centers and more are part of my It’s Winter Y’all pack

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