It’s Winter Y’all and a Freebie

Hiya peepers
Shuna here
I kinda have dropped off the planet for the last month. 
December is always super crazy for me.
Here is a few things that I have been up to lately. 
I recently discovered a new to me band Pentatonix
they are AWESOME!
Check them out below

You may have heard that there was a MAJOR event in Texas the last week in a half. 
Icemageddon 2014! 
You would have thought the world was going to end. It looked like a complete ghost town. 
People here are not used to that amount of ice. 
Case and point my neighbor found out what happens when you try to defrost a frozen car with boiling hot water, oy! 
We were out for 2 days due to ice…. a welcomed break but I am not looking forward to making those days up. 
Like everyone else I have been scrambling to get everything together for Christmas. 
This year I decided that we were going to do gag gifts for each other. 
My uncle is getting his own custom drinking glass. This is one of the many gifts that I have to make. 
I will be back to show you the rest sometime in the future. 
I am also super excited about my onesie! On Christmas morning we gather around the tree all dressed in our 
onesies to open presents. 
Do anyone else do this?
Anyhoo, I went to Hobby Lobby to get a jar and I ended up coming home with this beauty
a splurge but I love it so much! 
Moving on
Are you already planning for January?
Before we can leave on Friday for Winter Break we have to have all of our January stuff up and posted. 
So I worked super duper hard to finish our January writing and math and literacy centers. 

If you are interested in checking it out click here
Here is a quick freebie that can be used in a writing center
Peace Out Peeps

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