My Truth Monday and Educents Freebie

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
I am linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her
Y’all get to peek at how weird I really am! 
I am really super picky about the food that I will eat. I am a big on food texture. 
I blogged about my crazy eating habits HERE
It has a list of over 30 foods that I won’t touch with a ten foot pole! 
I am that girl that is afraid of her own shadow! You DO NOT want to take me to the movies to see a scary 
movie. Others have tried….didn’t work!
I have been dragged to see scary movies even though I have warned people 
but they will always say, “It isn’t even that scary!”
After about 5 minutes in my friends begin to regret their decision 
Embarrassment ensues 
I scream and cry the whole freakin time’
while covering my eyes
I will probably poop my pants and stink up the whole place
Then they have to take me and my poopy pants home
I will probably stab you 
I can’t stand hanging skin either
It does something to me 
I just have to pull it off
and other people! 
Even it is starts to bleed
It has to go! 

November Math Morning Work is now posted!
Last thing
Have you checked out Educents lately?
Heather has posted a freebie pack on Educents that is quite amazing
Hop over and check it out
Happy Teaching 
Peace Out Peeps
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  1. So excited for the new morning work packs. I have the October Math & Literacy and love them. They are just what my kiddos needed for reinforcing our learning. Thanks so much for creating such a great resource!


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