Community Helpers Week!

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here
We have just finished up our community helpers week and I wanted to share
We had a blast!

We watched a couple of videos to help use learn more about community helpers

Lots of our community helpers came to visit us and gave up some tips about being safe.

The police lady talked to us about staying away from strangers. 

We also got to go to the officers car!

I also used several smart board files this week

Click HERE to check out these and other smart board files.

We also had lots of fun in our Community Helpers Centers

This year for my centers I have decided to try something different.

Most of my centers are portable and they would get very messy during center time.

The kiddos would have all of their center material spewed all over the floor and although they

were working it drove me crazy! So this year I found some cute pans from the Dollar Store and I

bought 12 pans for the littles to use to help define their space during centers. For all centers that are

not at a table the students use their work pans to hold all of their crap err center material

Anyhoo on to the centers

Numbers Crossing Center:
The littles worked on counting on
The kiddos grabbed a card and used the pom pom balls to count on. 

Mail Drop Center:
Students sorting rhyming words and matched them to the correct mailbox.

Order Up Center:
A student favorite! The little chefs cooked up some spaghetti and meatball fun while practice CVC words

Patterns Center:

Spin and make your own pattern

Farmer Dell Center:
Practice beginning sounds with our hay sensory tub!

You can check out the community helpers unit HERE

You can find more awesome community helper ideas by clicking below

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Happy Teaching

Peace Out Peeps

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