Teacher Tip: Cut and Paste

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here
I hope that everyone is settling into the new year
My kiddos have been hard at work learning new routines and procedures.
One of the first things that I do is to teach my kiddos how to cut  and after they learn how to use scissors I teach them how to cut on cut and paste sheets. 
I love using cut and paste sheets for morning work because it gives the kiddos cutting practice as well as helps them practice specific skills in a fun way. 
My kiddos do at least one cut and paste sheet each week and I quickly got real tired of them always losing their pieces. 
I don’t know about you but I have some super slow workers and some that drag in right before the bell rings so they never finish their work in time. 
When my kiddos don’t finish their work they put it under their table bucket and finish it whenever they have free time. 
So here is my tip for 
 teaching the kiddos how to cut on cut and paste sheets
We usually work with two types of cutting sheets
* This one where the cutting sheet is not attached to the response sheet
* and this one where the cutting portion is attached to the response sheet

Have you ever had this

 happen and when your students come back they have no earthly idea where the rest of their cutting sheet has gone? It is the most annoying thing E.V.E.R.

Student:I can’t find my paper!”
Me:Well what happened to it
Student: Somebody came and took it
Me: Really?!
out of everything in the classroom they only took your letter B sheet?
Student: Yep
Me: Ugh!

I used to have students put incomplete work in their folder but somehow on the way from their table to their basket they would lose all of their papers and if it is on the floor the janitor tosses it.

So to solve my little problem

I teach my kiddos to only cut out one picture at a time leaving the rest of the paper attached to the whole sheet.
Groundbreaking isn’t it?!
But it works
No lie

I don’t tell them that they have to go straight down the line but I do tell them not to cut the whole strip off. If they don’t finish their work in time they put their sheet under their table basket and finish it when they have free time.

If they cutting portion is not attached the kiddos still cut only one picture out at a time and then turn it over and write the number on the remaining pieces so that they can find their work to finish later

Told ya that it wasn’t anything groundbreaking

It is just one of those tips that makes teaching a little easier

So what is one tip that makes teaching a little easier for you?

Happy Teaching

Peace Out Peeps

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  1. I love this tip!! Thank you!! I have been teaching K for five years now and it never crossed my mind! Ha ha!! I will be teaching it to my kids ASAP! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with all of us!! Sincerely, a Grateful K Teacher from Maine 🙂

  2. I love this tip, thank you!! It never crossed my mind in five years of teaching K! Ha ha!! I will be teaching it to my kids ASAP!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us!! Sincerely, a Grateful K Teacher from Maine 🙂

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