So…………. I am late { Peek At My Week and Giveaway Winner}

Hiya there peepers 
Shuna here
I feel like I haven’t been around much in the last 2 weeks
By the time that I get home 
I am dog tired! 
I don’t think I have had time to breathe in the last couple of weeks
Anyhoo I have a lot to share today so lets get to it
Have you checked out Educents recently? They have an awesome promotion right now and I just had to stock up! 
I personally picked up 
These awesome alphabet poems from Jennifer at Simply Kinder
I have been way too exhausted to create any fall stuff of my own class so I had to shop for some and I am thrilled that I came across these from Crayon Box! 
We all know how much I love clipart so I HAD to pick up this adorable bundle from Melonheadz!
There are also several other bundles that you may want to check out
Click HERE to see them
Congrats to Andrea for Winning the David Shannon giveaway! 
Okay now for my peek at my week

I know that I am late

I will try to do better in the future

Pinky Promise

There are a ton of freebies included

Make sure to download the doc, not just open it, to get the hyperlinks to work!

Before I shared

I have received several emails asking how I plan for so many centers

Centers are my favorite thing to plan for and I always get excited to do my centers

I read and research a ton

Some center ideas are my own

Some I get from teacher magazines

Some I get from blogland

and some I get from Pinterest

Whenever I find something online I make sure to pin it so I can come back to it

Make sure to follow me on pinterest so that you will see all these awesome ideas when I do

Click HERE to follow me

Anyhoo on to the plans!

I don’t know about you but I love to peek into other teacher’s classrooms

Here is a quick peep at some of the centers

Peace Out Peeps

Have a fab week

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2 Replies to “So…………. I am late { Peek At My Week and Giveaway Winner}”

    1. The pocket chart center in the plans? I am a little confused because the pocket chart shown is I see a brown bear and what you are looking for is I see a fish. If you are looking for the Brown Bear pocket chart it is a activity included in my Brown Bear unit. You can get to the unit by downloading the plans and clicking the "get it here" hyperlink

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