Peek At My Week: Literacy

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I am so excited that I am finally getting to link up with Deedee for her Peek At My Week Linky!

So most of you know that I am at a new school because I relocated to TX this summer. I am getting used to the new schedule and the new school. Here is a look at how my day pans out
My literacy plans for this upcoming week
Click the pic to get a closer look and to pick up a couple of freebies that I will be using this week!
*** Make sure to DOWNLOAD and not just open the doc so the links will work!***

Literacy Centers 

I made a whoopsie! 
I left out my listening station links 
Lidia’s Coconut Tree
Caitlin’s Chicka Unit
 We do not start Math Centers till next week so I will have a closer look at those later
Anyhoo here is a look at some of our stations in action
For this center I use all those left over eggs that I had from Easter. 
I put letter magnets in the eggs and put them in a basket. The students then pull an egg look at the letter hidden inside. Students then color the matching letter on their sheet. 
This is always a favorite center for my littles. 
You can get the free recording sheet in the plans above. 

For my word wall I like to have my students manipulate the words in this station. I give my students letters, write boards and wands so that they have many ways to practice the word. During whole group we use several chants and games to practice our word wall words so students also have an opportunity to do that independently as well. 


I along with some other kinder friends put together an awesome bundle of ready to go and easy prep bundle to get you through the crazy first months of school! 
It features 24 amazing packs in one neat little bundle
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Peace Out Peeps
Hope you snagged your freebies

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  1. I really like your journaling idea. I teach preschoolers with Autism and I have one student who is on Kindergarten goals and needs to write sentences as the goal but it has been a struggle for him, this should make it easier. BUT your week one Journal link is linked to week 2, would love to see your week 1 as well as your week 2 and 3.

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