New Pack and Journaling in K {Freebie}

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
I think that I am finally settling in to the new school year.
I think….
Umm maybe I will have it figured out by the end of the year
Don’t you just love this time of year?!
I can finally walk outside without melting
so that is a plus
I walked into Dollar Store and found these cuties
I love fall colors!
I cleaned out the shelf
Just because
Not like I need another 20 bins
but I am sure that I will find some use for them.
Moving on
I finally finished something BEFORE I actually need it!
We start our community helpers units in a few weeks.
Here is a quick peek at the new unit

I am so excited for my students to use next week
If you would like to check it it you can see it HERE
Moving on
One of the things that I really don’t care for teaching is writing.
This was also my least favorite subject in school.
This year I plan to make writing fun for my littles and fun for me
One of the ways that I plan to do this is to spice up my journal center.
Before my journal station was always an after thought and many times the last center I planned for.
I am going to try to make my journal station much more fun and interactive this year.
So here is my thought process
I have tried this in my classroom over the last 3 weeks and it seems to be working so far
So to begin each of my students have a journal

They go to the journaling station once a week. My plan this year is to have their writing move focused and systematic. The first couple of weeks the students worked on growing their writing skills.
Each student received a picture and a sentence to go along with their picture. The students colored the picture and pasted the sentence in their journal. Right now my students are working on simple sentences.

After the students pasted the sentence they then built the sentence. This is a great way to get the little ones to see that a sentence is made up on individual words that come together to make a complete thought.

After they built the sentence they then copied it on their own.

The kiddos are so far loving it! They just grab their tray and take it to the journal station. Even my little ones who are not quite ready to write and doing a great job with it. 

You can find the other journaling prompts HERE
Next week we are going to start working on stem sentences. I am excited to see how well the littles will do writing on their own
Click the pic to pick up Week 3

Happy Teaching
Peace Out Peeps

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