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Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
Welcome to the nameless post
I am too tired and doped up on medicine to think of a cute title
This post is going to be all sorts of random
Be warned
If you have been following my blog for any length of time 
You know I have a love for all things centers
that and a love of shoes
I love planning  and making centers and I spend an insane amount of time researching to find awesome center ideas. 
I have created two pin boards that focus on making cheap and easy centers 

You should check them out

There are some awesome ideas there

I am sure you don’t want to miss any

Click HERE to follow this board

Click HERE to follow this board 
While “researching” I came across this awesome pin from The Happy Teacher
This falls into the duh category 
My kiddos so need extra practice with counting and this idea is super easy to set up! I will be placed this in my counting center but later on I will be using it for addition and subtraction.

Hop over to her blog to pick up this awesome FREEBIE

My sister made this comprehension board and she really did a good job with it! 
We have been working on our I Wonder statements 
We use I wonder statements to give students a chance to respond to a reading. 
This is part of our Go Chart for reading 
You can check this POST our for more info on how I get the students responding to text
We have been learning all about numbers 

Here are a couple of activities and centers we did this week

For this station the students counted and clipped the correct answer. After they counted they used beans to make the same amount that was shown on their cards. I have had these cards for so long that I don’t remember where I got them from BUT you can use THESE or THESE
*Updated to add* 
I found the original cards that are in the picture. 
It is amazing what you find when you actually go back and look at the stuff you pin
You can find them HERE

The students rolled a die, counted the amount and made it in their ice tray. After the little finished they practiced writing their numbers. 
*Updated to add*
I found the Roll and Cover freebie HERE
The number tracing mats can be found HERE

Practicing spelling number words
You can get these HERE along with some other great printables for math centers
Count and clip
Same excuse
Don’t shoot me
Have no idea where I got these
I know 
I am such a bad blogger

The littles worked on building numbers using pattern blocks
You can get these HERE

Domino Parking Lot

These are always a favorite with my littles

Find these HERE

Continuing with our number study
I whipped up this quickie activity
We have a math minute everyday where we practice essential math skills before we go off to lunch
This week we are working on number words 
The kiddos get a Number Spy sheet and bingo dot markers to practice 
These have been a major hit and keeps them busy while we are getting our hands washed and using the restroom before lunch
These are a FB fan freebie and you can get them HERE 
Make sure to click on the FAN ONLY tab

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