Crafitivities Made Easy

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
Do you love to make crafts with your littles?

 I sure do but they drive me nuts

Like… seriously…. insert head bang, screams and a temper tantrum
and I am supposed to be the adult!
Creating displays was taking up way too much instructional time because they had to be done with a teacher. I have always wanted to have my students do fun crafts in centers but when they do they don’t turn out ideal. We are required to put up displays outside of our room every 3 weeks and the hallway displays had to meet a certain standard in order to be posted, which does not always mix well with kinder students who are learning to cut, glue and follow directions.
When I was a kid, craft day was my favorite day of the week but it was a nightmare for my teacher….now I know why!
Making 29 templates was not cutting it so I knew that I had to do something
Last year I tried something different that turned over the responsibility of making crafts over to the little people. I know, I know it isn’t going to be pretty, at the beginning, but as they do the crafts more and more on their own they will get better. 
So what do I do?

so glad you asked 🙂

Since we are still not back in school yet I am going to use  Hadar’s compound words  craft that I did with my kiddos last year.

So the first thing that I do is make a model to show my students what they are going to do.
I call my littles to the carpet and show them how to put together the craft. I go step by step and demonstrate what to do.
After I put together the model I hang it near the station that the students will complete the craft in.
* This is actually one that one of the littles created, hence the backwards pics*

Next I get the station ready for the kiddos
I run off all the pieces that they will need and cut ONE of each piece out.
Before I would run each page off on different colored paper and cut them out for the kiddos and they would assemble BUT that took forever

After I cut out each piece that the students will need I then used a marker to write a color word on the pieces. I used the pieces as a tracing template and the color written on the template lets the students know what color paper they need to use.

After I write the color on the paper I cut the construction paper in the approximate size that the students will need to trace on. Make sure you do not give your students a whole sheet of construction paper because they will use all of your paper and you will have a bunch of paper waste.

Now my part is done and I get the station bucket ready and let them go!
I put the pieces in their own ziplock bag along with everything the students will need to put the craft together.

When the students go to the station they know to get a bag and one sheet of colored paper.
I model extensively in the beginning what to do in their station
The littles use the template to trace the shape on their colored paper.
After they trace they cut it out and return the template to the bag and get another color.

After the students have cut out all their shapes they assemble using the model as a guide.

The craft is complete with minimal effort for me.

Some crafts have some tricky parts or parts that I need to check before they assemble, like the raindrops on this one, so I let the students do as much as they can on their own and then we finish up the craft when we do the writing piece.

What used to take me several hours to do now takes about 30 minutes for me to prep

Happy crafting

Peace Out Peeps

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