Center Planning, October Morning Bright and 3 Truths, 1 Lie Giveaway

Hiya there peeps

Shuna here

I must warn you this post is all over the place!

Proceed with extreme caution

Today I wanted to share a bit about how I plan and organize centers.

I am no expert but this is what works for me

The first thing that I do when planning for my stations is to write down all my ideas and thoughts so that I have something to refer to. I have journals that I use when I plan for my stations. I go through a ton of journals but I have to write it down so I can think it through.
The yellow folder is for math centers and the green one is for reading centers. I like being able to take the journals wherever I go and I can quickly jot down ideas as the come. The black and white journal is the one that I leave at home and the colored ones stay at school.

You can see that I organize my book by each week. Under each week I have the centers that I will be using. I write a quick description of the activity that I want to have in station that week and even draw a pic so that my brain will remember exactly what I was thinking about
My brain is funny like that 
It never remembers what I tell it!

 My reading center idea book
I use sticky notes to group my students and go back and fill in the gaps

This is how I store my centers
This picture is from Growing Kinders because I am a slacker and didn’t take a pic of mine, but I use a similar system. The storage buckets are for me to use and not the students. This is how I organize all my centers that we are not using. 
When I need a center I can just go and pull it from the bucket 
 Another way that I store centers is in  file folder boxes. Inside these boxes are all my file folder games, paper centers, and envelope centers. I store the centers in a ziploc bag. The boxes have larger folders in them that I use to sort by themes. Inside each larger folder are smaller folders that contain games related to a theme.  

I have FINALLY finished and posted my morning work packs for October

Since y’all are so awesome I am going to give one Literacy pack away to the first person who guesses the correct answer.
Below are 4 facts about me
3 are truths and 1 is a lie
Your job is to figure out which one is a lie
Leave a comment with your answer and I will check them later
**** Please only comment ONCE! You can’t see the comments but I can****
Are you ready? Here we go

This giveaway is separate from the math one below. To win this giveaway you need to leave a blog comment.

So which is it?
Comment below with your answer

and since I am in such a breezy mood

I am going to give the Math pack away too

* The math MW will be posted by Sunday evening so you can win it before it is posted! *

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All you have to do is follow my pinterest boards!

Simple isn’t it

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Good Luck

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{Insert Smart, Witty Title Here!}

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
Welcome to the nameless post
I am too tired and doped up on medicine to think of a cute title
This post is going to be all sorts of random
Be warned
If you have been following my blog for any length of time 
You know I have a love for all things centers
that and a love of shoes
I love planning  and making centers and I spend an insane amount of time researching to find awesome center ideas. 
I have created two pin boards that focus on making cheap and easy centers 

You should check them out

There are some awesome ideas there

I am sure you don’t want to miss any

Click HERE to follow this board

Click HERE to follow this board 
While “researching” I came across this awesome pin from The Happy Teacher
This falls into the duh category 
My kiddos so need extra practice with counting and this idea is super easy to set up! I will be placed this in my counting center but later on I will be using it for addition and subtraction.

Hop over to her blog to pick up this awesome FREEBIE

My sister made this comprehension board and she really did a good job with it! 
We have been working on our I Wonder statements 
We use I wonder statements to give students a chance to respond to a reading. 
This is part of our Go Chart for reading 
You can check this POST our for more info on how I get the students responding to text
We have been learning all about numbers 

Here are a couple of activities and centers we did this week

For this station the students counted and clipped the correct answer. After they counted they used beans to make the same amount that was shown on their cards. I have had these cards for so long that I don’t remember where I got them from BUT you can use THESE or THESE
*Updated to add* 
I found the original cards that are in the picture. 
It is amazing what you find when you actually go back and look at the stuff you pin
You can find them HERE

The students rolled a die, counted the amount and made it in their ice tray. After the little finished they practiced writing their numbers. 
*Updated to add*
I found the Roll and Cover freebie HERE
The number tracing mats can be found HERE

Practicing spelling number words
You can get these HERE along with some other great printables for math centers
Count and clip
Same excuse
Don’t shoot me
Have no idea where I got these
I know 
I am such a bad blogger

The littles worked on building numbers using pattern blocks
You can get these HERE

Domino Parking Lot

These are always a favorite with my littles

Find these HERE

Continuing with our number study
I whipped up this quickie activity
We have a math minute everyday where we practice essential math skills before we go off to lunch
This week we are working on number words 
The kiddos get a Number Spy sheet and bingo dot markers to practice 
These have been a major hit and keeps them busy while we are getting our hands washed and using the restroom before lunch
These are a FB fan freebie and you can get them HERE 
Make sure to click on the FAN ONLY tab

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New Pack and Journaling in K {Freebie}

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
I think that I am finally settling in to the new school year.
I think….
Umm maybe I will have it figured out by the end of the year
Don’t you just love this time of year?!
I can finally walk outside without melting
so that is a plus
I walked into Dollar Store and found these cuties
I love fall colors!
I cleaned out the shelf
Just because
Not like I need another 20 bins
but I am sure that I will find some use for them.
Moving on
I finally finished something BEFORE I actually need it!
We start our community helpers units in a few weeks.
Here is a quick peek at the new unit

I am so excited for my students to use next week
If you would like to check it it you can see it HERE
Moving on
One of the things that I really don’t care for teaching is writing.
This was also my least favorite subject in school.
This year I plan to make writing fun for my littles and fun for me
One of the ways that I plan to do this is to spice up my journal center.
Before my journal station was always an after thought and many times the last center I planned for.
I am going to try to make my journal station much more fun and interactive this year.
So here is my thought process
I have tried this in my classroom over the last 3 weeks and it seems to be working so far
So to begin each of my students have a journal

They go to the journaling station once a week. My plan this year is to have their writing move focused and systematic. The first couple of weeks the students worked on growing their writing skills.
Each student received a picture and a sentence to go along with their picture. The students colored the picture and pasted the sentence in their journal. Right now my students are working on simple sentences.

After the students pasted the sentence they then built the sentence. This is a great way to get the little ones to see that a sentence is made up on individual words that come together to make a complete thought.

After they built the sentence they then copied it on their own.

The kiddos are so far loving it! They just grab their tray and take it to the journal station. Even my little ones who are not quite ready to write and doing a great job with it. 

You can find the other journaling prompts HERE
Next week we are going to start working on stem sentences. I am excited to see how well the littles will do writing on their own
Click the pic to pick up Week 3

Happy Teaching
Peace Out Peeps

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Teacher Tip: Cut and Paste

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here
I hope that everyone is settling into the new year
My kiddos have been hard at work learning new routines and procedures.
One of the first things that I do is to teach my kiddos how to cut  and after they learn how to use scissors I teach them how to cut on cut and paste sheets. 
I love using cut and paste sheets for morning work because it gives the kiddos cutting practice as well as helps them practice specific skills in a fun way. 
My kiddos do at least one cut and paste sheet each week and I quickly got real tired of them always losing their pieces. 
I don’t know about you but I have some super slow workers and some that drag in right before the bell rings so they never finish their work in time. 
When my kiddos don’t finish their work they put it under their table bucket and finish it whenever they have free time. 
So here is my tip for 
 teaching the kiddos how to cut on cut and paste sheets
We usually work with two types of cutting sheets
* This one where the cutting sheet is not attached to the response sheet
* and this one where the cutting portion is attached to the response sheet

Have you ever had this

 happen and when your students come back they have no earthly idea where the rest of their cutting sheet has gone? It is the most annoying thing E.V.E.R.

Student:I can’t find my paper!”
Me:Well what happened to it
Student: Somebody came and took it
Me: Really?!
out of everything in the classroom they only took your letter B sheet?
Student: Yep
Me: Ugh!

I used to have students put incomplete work in their folder but somehow on the way from their table to their basket they would lose all of their papers and if it is on the floor the janitor tosses it.

So to solve my little problem

I teach my kiddos to only cut out one picture at a time leaving the rest of the paper attached to the whole sheet.
Groundbreaking isn’t it?!
But it works
No lie

I don’t tell them that they have to go straight down the line but I do tell them not to cut the whole strip off. If they don’t finish their work in time they put their sheet under their table basket and finish it when they have free time.

If they cutting portion is not attached the kiddos still cut only one picture out at a time and then turn it over and write the number on the remaining pieces so that they can find their work to finish later

Told ya that it wasn’t anything groundbreaking

It is just one of those tips that makes teaching a little easier

So what is one tip that makes teaching a little easier for you?

Happy Teaching

Peace Out Peeps

So…………. I am late { Peek At My Week and Giveaway Winner}

Hiya there peepers 
Shuna here
I feel like I haven’t been around much in the last 2 weeks
By the time that I get home 
I am dog tired! 
I don’t think I have had time to breathe in the last couple of weeks
Anyhoo I have a lot to share today so lets get to it
Have you checked out Educents recently? They have an awesome promotion right now and I just had to stock up! 
I personally picked up 
These awesome alphabet poems from Jennifer at Simply Kinder
I have been way too exhausted to create any fall stuff of my own class so I had to shop for some and I am thrilled that I came across these from Crayon Box! 
We all know how much I love clipart so I HAD to pick up this adorable bundle from Melonheadz!
There are also several other bundles that you may want to check out
Click HERE to see them
Congrats to Andrea for Winning the David Shannon giveaway! 
Okay now for my peek at my week

I know that I am late

I will try to do better in the future

Pinky Promise

There are a ton of freebies included

Make sure to download the doc, not just open it, to get the hyperlinks to work!

Before I shared

I have received several emails asking how I plan for so many centers

Centers are my favorite thing to plan for and I always get excited to do my centers

I read and research a ton

Some center ideas are my own

Some I get from teacher magazines

Some I get from blogland

and some I get from Pinterest

Whenever I find something online I make sure to pin it so I can come back to it

Make sure to follow me on pinterest so that you will see all these awesome ideas when I do

Click HERE to follow me

Anyhoo on to the plans!

I don’t know about you but I love to peek into other teacher’s classrooms

Here is a quick peep at some of the centers

Peace Out Peeps

Have a fab week

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New Blog Design and Bugs in My Hair Giveaway

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here

Have you noticed my new digs?!

I am so excited about how my blog design turned out

I will save that it is very purdy and I love it

big shout out to my designer

If you are looking for a new design I would HIGHLY recommend her
You can check her out here and here

Today I am just stopping by to discuss a serious topic
Head Bugs
Just the thought makes me all itchy
This is my 5th year teaching and I just had my first experience with head bugs this past week! 
These things terrify me
I don’t know why
They are small
but they still freak me out
My first experience happened to coincide with the arrival of the book Bugs in my Hair by David Shannon.
Art © David Shannon 2013. All Rights Reserved.

My kiddos loved, loved, loved this book! 

We talked about how it is important for us to all have our own personal space and how we should keep our hands to ourselves. 

The book made it so much easier for me to teach my littles about such a scary topic. 

Make sure to check out the awesome video of David sharing the book! I showed this to my kiddos and they had a ball! 
Check it out here

Art © David Shannon 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Art © David Shannon 2013. All Rights Reserved.

I am super duper excited that I get to share this book along with two other favorites with one lucky winner

Art © David Shannon 2013. All Rights Reserved.
This giveaway is only open to residents who live in the US. Sorry peepers who live in other countries

Prizes and samplings are courtesy of Scholastic
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Peace Out Peeps

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Crafitivities Made Easy

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
Do you love to make crafts with your littles?

 I sure do but they drive me nuts

Like… seriously…. insert head bang, screams and a temper tantrum
and I am supposed to be the adult!
Creating displays was taking up way too much instructional time because they had to be done with a teacher. I have always wanted to have my students do fun crafts in centers but when they do they don’t turn out ideal. We are required to put up displays outside of our room every 3 weeks and the hallway displays had to meet a certain standard in order to be posted, which does not always mix well with kinder students who are learning to cut, glue and follow directions.
When I was a kid, craft day was my favorite day of the week but it was a nightmare for my teacher….now I know why!
Making 29 templates was not cutting it so I knew that I had to do something
Last year I tried something different that turned over the responsibility of making crafts over to the little people. I know, I know it isn’t going to be pretty, at the beginning, but as they do the crafts more and more on their own they will get better. 
So what do I do?

so glad you asked 🙂

Since we are still not back in school yet I am going to use  Hadar’s compound words  craft that I did with my kiddos last year.

So the first thing that I do is make a model to show my students what they are going to do.
I call my littles to the carpet and show them how to put together the craft. I go step by step and demonstrate what to do.
After I put together the model I hang it near the station that the students will complete the craft in.
* This is actually one that one of the littles created, hence the backwards pics*

Next I get the station ready for the kiddos
I run off all the pieces that they will need and cut ONE of each piece out.
Before I would run each page off on different colored paper and cut them out for the kiddos and they would assemble BUT that took forever

After I cut out each piece that the students will need I then used a marker to write a color word on the pieces. I used the pieces as a tracing template and the color written on the template lets the students know what color paper they need to use.

After I write the color on the paper I cut the construction paper in the approximate size that the students will need to trace on. Make sure you do not give your students a whole sheet of construction paper because they will use all of your paper and you will have a bunch of paper waste.

Now my part is done and I get the station bucket ready and let them go!
I put the pieces in their own ziplock bag along with everything the students will need to put the craft together.

When the students go to the station they know to get a bag and one sheet of colored paper.
I model extensively in the beginning what to do in their station
The littles use the template to trace the shape on their colored paper.
After they trace they cut it out and return the template to the bag and get another color.

After the students have cut out all their shapes they assemble using the model as a guide.

The craft is complete with minimal effort for me.

Some crafts have some tricky parts or parts that I need to check before they assemble, like the raindrops on this one, so I let the students do as much as they can on their own and then we finish up the craft when we do the writing piece.

What used to take me several hours to do now takes about 30 minutes for me to prep

Happy crafting

Peace Out Peeps

Peek At My Week: Literacy

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
I am so excited that I am finally getting to link up with Deedee for her Peek At My Week Linky!

So most of you know that I am at a new school because I relocated to TX this summer. I am getting used to the new schedule and the new school. Here is a look at how my day pans out
My literacy plans for this upcoming week
Click the pic to get a closer look and to pick up a couple of freebies that I will be using this week!
*** Make sure to DOWNLOAD and not just open the doc so the links will work!***

Literacy Centers 

I made a whoopsie! 
I left out my listening station links 
Lidia’s Coconut Tree
Caitlin’s Chicka Unit
 We do not start Math Centers till next week so I will have a closer look at those later
Anyhoo here is a look at some of our stations in action
For this center I use all those left over eggs that I had from Easter. 
I put letter magnets in the eggs and put them in a basket. The students then pull an egg look at the letter hidden inside. Students then color the matching letter on their sheet. 
This is always a favorite center for my littles. 
You can get the free recording sheet in the plans above. 

For my word wall I like to have my students manipulate the words in this station. I give my students letters, write boards and wands so that they have many ways to practice the word. During whole group we use several chants and games to practice our word wall words so students also have an opportunity to do that independently as well. 


I along with some other kinder friends put together an awesome bundle of ready to go and easy prep bundle to get you through the crazy first months of school! 
It features 24 amazing packs in one neat little bundle
It is on sale for a whopping 78% off
Click the banner to check it out

Peace Out Peeps
Hope you snagged your freebies