Transition Time…. It’s like Hammer Time for the Classroom

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Shuna here
I hope everyone is getting settled into the new school year. 
The beginning of the school year can be super stressful for both the teacher and student. 
One of the things that frustrated me the most, as a first year teacher, was transitioning.
I mean just when I had gotten then all quiet and settled, it was time to move again! 
How many times do your students move throughout the day
20 times?
Transitions can be tricky business, 
especially when all of your students are not on the same page. 
Some are ready to move,
some have no idea what is going on,
 and some are not listening to a thing you have to say.
Here are some ideas I use when
Shh doesn’t work.
Not that we should be shushing anyway
but some days a shush is all that I can muster
{ I am working on it 🙂 }
This is one that I use all the time. It is quick and easy. I know that a lot of teachers 
use the 1,2,3, move but I put my own little twist on it. 
When I say:
1: The kiddos stand ( If they are sitting at their desk they push their chairs up and stand)
2: Fingers are over mouths and all talking stops
3: Students move
Groundbreaking isn’t it
But it works

* Get Jiggy! 
I don’t know if you have problems with draggers and slow pokes but I do. There are always students who need a little extra time to clean up and get themselves together. What do you do when some of your students are done with their work and waiting patiently for directions while you have others who need a bit more time? You don’t want those students who are done to be disruptive, so what do you do?
I like to start a break brain. Nothing says put a move on it like seeing all your friends up getting jiggy and you are still cleaning up your desk!

I like to call those students who are done to the carpet and let them do a fun brain break while the other littles are finishing up. Click HERE to check out some brain breaks that I use .

You can also see more awesome brain breaks HERE

My students love, love, love these and it gets the wiggles out so when we do start working they are on task.

This is one of my faves

We can’t play youtube in the classroom so I like to use Screenr to host the vids

*Call and Response Attention Grabbers 
These are great because they focus student’s attention.
I use these a lot during center time or during whole group when I see off task behavior.
Because there is melody to the call and response the students can’t help but participate.
I love to use these in my classroom and it is both fun and effective. My kiddos love these and it is much better than saying, “Be quiet” or my all time favorite, Hey you close your face!” 🙂 
Click HERE to grab these 

*Sing a Song
My kiddos loved, loved, loved to sing the theme song to Sid the Science Kid so when we are transitioning I start singing and the kiddos join in and by the time we are done with the song everyone is in place.
We also use the color words songs  and nursery rhymes just to name a few.

* Repeating Pattern Movements
I like to start a movement and then have the students mimic the movement. For example if I clap twice the students will clap twice. I continue making a pattern that the students mimic until I see that everyone is participating and ready to begin working.
* This is a great way to improve listening skills too*

* Count It Down
Students love a challenge so make your transition time fun. 
Making transition time a game can be a fun way to ensure that everyone is on task and listening. 
I might tell my students before they move to their seat that they have 15 seconds to move quietly and get their reader and pointer out. I tell them that I am watching to see which table will do this the quickest and the quietest and that whoever wins, that table will get to line up first or will be able to sit next to a friend on the carpet. 
*Teaching Transitions 
Observe when your students do transitions 
Notice what they are doing right and what needs work
Reteach and Redirect
Let your students know what is going to happen.
Students work better when they know what is coming and what you expect.
When you are ready for your transition instead of saying, “Hey you move there”, tell the students in 5 mins we will move to the carpet so begin cleaning up then when it is time to move give them your signal.
Tips for making transitions work
Be specific about what you want students to do. Model for students the correct way to transition and have some students role play. If students are not transitioning correctly stop, talk about it and redirect.
Be organized
Nothing kills effective classroom management like down time. Have materials already set up before students transition so that  they will stay on task. 
Move around the room
Watch for students who may be off task and redirect. When students know that you are watching they are more likely to do what they are supposed to.

When to use
So you may be wondering when I use each transition. I don’t like to do the same thing over and over so I like to change it up. I start by teaching my littles one transition a day and I use that one transition each time we move. After the students have learned that transition I move on to a new one. Once the students have learned all the transitions I mix them up depending on what we are doing. 

Another awesome idea is to create a Powerpoint that has all of your transition songs on them and use it with your smartboard. You can check out this idea HERE and HERE
Harry’s Kindergarten has some great some that you can add to a PP and use for transitions

What transitions do you use in your classroom? I would love to hear your thoughts 

Happy Teaching

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  1. When it is time to transition from rug to table call each table group one at a time. Tell the blue table walk back to their table like ZOMBIES. Tell next group to walk back like SOLDIERS. Tell next group to walk back to their table like DISCO dancers. Tell next group they get to choosehow they want to wal,. They can walk like MICE (quite as a mouse) or hop like a BUNNY RABBIT.

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