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One of my favorite centers in my classroom is the magnet word work center
They are a cinch to set up and the kiddos really enjoy them

At the beginning of the year I like to keep my centers somewhat simple so that the kiddos can learn how to work in groups while doing some easy activities.

Even though most of my kinders come in not knowing their alphabet names  they can match the shapes of the letters making this a super easy and fun center that all my littles can do.

To differentiate I had 3 different versions of the sheet that the kiddos could use.
I have updated these, because lets be honest the one above is horrible and the letters were way too small
It worked but I wanted it to be easier for my kiddos to use

Here is a look at some of the centers that I use at the beginning of the year

Some of my students work on lowercase letters, some of them work on uppercase letters and some of them work on both upper and lowercase.

I usually just give my kiddos a tub and let them explore.
They love the magnet station and so do I because it is super easy to set up.

For the littles that come in with some alpha knowledge I give them this sheet and let them fill in the missing letters.

If you would like to use these sheets for your littles you can download them FREE here!

This is another magnet center that I use. I have a lot of printable games in my classroom and I have pieces that always get misplaced so I use those and have the littles practice beginning sounds.

I have a bunch of letters magnets in my classroom, most of which I have bought 
My favorite magnets by far come from Lakeshore
You can check them out  here

This year I have decided to incorporate my magnet station with my word family station.
Here is a quick look at my new Short A pack

I wanted something where the students will be able to explore each word in a fun and meaningful way. There is a sheet for each word in the word family. The littles will practice building the word with help, color the correct letters to spell the word, write the word on their own and then fill in the missing letter. 
There is also a sheet that students can use to practice reading and spelling the word in context. 

Here is a peek at everything that is included in the Short A pack

You can check out the
Smart Cookie Short A here and the
Smart Cookie Alpha version here

Happy Teaching

Peace Out Peeps

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  1. Thank you again, Shuna. I am the lucky recipient of your give-away yesterday, the Smart Cookie Short A set. I`ve downloaded it already and it is GREAT!! Teachers of Kindergarten and Grade One will love this pack. You won`t be disappointed!! (Jane)

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