Back to School Shopping, New Packs and a Freebie

Hiya there peepers 
Shuna here
BTS time is here
and it sucks
I was just getting used to summer….
I try to hold out as long as I can but the commercials get me every time
I am too excited about seeing the new Target commercials

the ones last year rocked

I may or may not have a teacher watch party going on with a few of my friends

Its kind of a big deal

These two were my favorites from last year
I received a box of goodies from Oriental Trading perfect for back to school time

I am in LOVE with Oriental Trading for sending me all of these fab goodies!!!! I think I get more excited than the kidletts when I get gifts!
( OT sent me the goodies but I am not being paid to write about them)

I did get some shopping in for me too

I have a teeny tiny problem with custom Converse

I have seriously designed and bought five different pair this summer along

Ugh…… I have problems

Expensive ones at that

Anyhoo, here is my latest pair

Aren’t they purdy?!

I have uploaded several new packs

Calendar Set
Job Chart
Word Family Bundle

Now on to the freebie

Here is a freebie from my Word Family Bundle

Click the pic to score

Oriental Trading is letting me host a giveaway! One lucky follower with win a $25 gift card that will be perfect for BTS shopping!

Peace Out Peeps

90 Replies to “Back to School Shopping, New Packs and a Freebie”

  1. Oh my goodness! I have NO clue what I would get! I also stock up on my craft items and goodies for seasonal times through Oriental trading! And stickers and pencils!

  2. I love oriental trading!!!!!! They have such cute things!!!!!! I have the Hollywood classroom theme and they had such great things that I purchased last year for the room! I love the star necklaces!! Those would be great for either a birthday student or someone who is going above and beyond that day!!!!!!! =)

  3. Oh, the list is endless if I would win…art supplies…those cool laynards…the totally awesome star student necklaces…more big dice…gifts for back to school bags, Christmas..woohoo a new catalog just arrived!

  4. If I won, I would purchase the star student necklaces because I am starting a brag tag program in my classroom. I would also buy some loot for my treasure box! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  5. what would I buy..those cool lanyards…the star student necklaces…some more art supplies..the list is endless. WOOHOO..a new catalog came in the mail today!

    1. Congrats on your first year! That is so exciting this will be my 5th and I am still learning as a I go. My one thing that I can't live without has to be expo markers and cute containers. From OT I love their treasure box section

  6. I would buy stockings for Christmas. I always forget about OT for these and instead am in a panic searching everywhere for the best price. I used to be good at getting them after Christmas on sale, but they have become harder and harder to find, especially since I dislike the chaos more and more. That would be my first thought, but who knows what a journey through the latest catalog would bring:-)

  7. I would love to have the lanyards and star necklaces. I also love their treasure treats. They have a better selection for boys who are often hard to buy for.

  8. I would love to get the lanyards and star necklaces. I also like their treasure box selections. They have a better selection for boys who are often more picky than girls.

  9. I know exactly what I would buy because I was just looking through the catalog yesterday! I would definitely buy lanyards for field trips (we only use sticker name tags and they always fall of by the end of the day). I would also get the big dice for classroom centers. I would get some manipulatives for our math centers and probably some trinkets for prizes for good behavior or special days.

  10. I would get treats for my treasure chest! or maybe a bts craft for the first day of school. I always do a craft! or maybe something for down the road like Christmas, 100th day, or earth day! Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I already have a cart full of goodies saved waiting for a free shipping day–It's all owl stuff for my room–especially love the religious owl stuff as I teach in a Catholic school!

  12. It'd be hard to choose. Just got a catalog the other day and I have tons of stuff circled. This will be my first year teaching. You name it, I need it. By the way, love your blog!

  13. So many options but would probably go with much needed pocket charts or 100th day of school fun items! It doesn't matter what I would choose from OT, my kids would feel like it was Christmas 🙂

  14. So sorry about BTS already! I go back in one month. Thanks for the freebie! I have never seen the necklaces from Oriental Trading. I am definitely going to get some of those!

  15. I LOVE Oriental Trading. I use for my classroom and church Sunday School and VBS ideas. They always have just what I need at a good price. Would love to win the card for upcoming events. Love your blog and TPT store.

  16. I would definitely buy some art supplies or even things for my prize box. I went through a lot of that stuff last year and have decided to up my criteria for getting in the prize box this year. I was buying stuff every 2 weeks so I finally had to start getting creative with my awards.

  17. If I won, I would stock up on Pom poms, I saw a cool classroom behavior tool using pom poms as warm fuzzies. They earn for good behavior but also lose for bad behavior. Sounds fun, easy and pretty inexpensive! This is what I would buy if I won!

  18. If I won I would buy Star of the week goodies as well as their "special" smart pencils that help in testing. If I has anything left over I would update my prize box!

  19. I already had my BTS list for Oriental Trading started. It included the name tags (you get so many for the price), foam dice (I agree with you – always useful), 100th Day items, and many many more. I just looked online for the star necklaces, because if I don't win, I'd still like to get them, but I couldn't find them. 🙁

  20. I just spent a pile of money there but left some things off because it was out of my budget. I would buy the tall cat in the hat and some of their cool clipboards. Awesome giveaway! Thank you! Andrea 🙂

  21. I love the dog tags and have ordered them several times for student of the week. I also like to get birthday boxes each year, and 100th day goodies, treasure box goodies, and crafts for our christmas gifts:)

  22. omgoodness! If i won, i think I would buy more baskets…OT has the best prices for book baskets and station baskets! I love the spacers..can't wait to hear that you love them!! (have u used them already? ) Some of my book baskets have been used and abused (if u know what i mean!) that is a good thing!! So nice that they send stuff to you! I bought the dice at the end of this past year…to open brand new in Sept! Anyhow, thanks for hosing this giveaway!!! Amy 🙂

  23. I always buy my lanyards from them! I would love to get the dog tags, as well. I purchased incentive tags from Mrs. Nelson's TPT store, and these necklaces would be perfect for them!! thanks Shuna! You ROCK (love the Converses, too!).

  24. Love the idea of lanyards. They're are so great, you can use them in many ways! I have been using and collecting lanyards. I so love them, I made it a habit and this has been my trusted source for this… ( I'd recommend it as well. Cheers!

  25. Hi. I really love your idea on lanyards. Thanks for sharing! Lanyards are such brilliant stuff for kids, adults, and for anyone. They're an added feature that expresses character, uniqueness, flexibility and excellency for the one's wearing it that will get you noticed. There are many types of lanyards though, that you want to prefer. Check out more here 🙂. But, no matter what type and how it looks, as long as you're comfortable with it and you wear it with much pride and style then, anything goes. Cheers! 😉

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