Technology In the Classroom

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A FB fan contacted me about a website that he started to share classroom games that he created and he wanted me to check it out. I am always on the lookout for great technology sites that my kiddos can use, so I went and peeped it out. I liked what I saw so I asked Brain to write a guest post to tell a little more about his site! is an educational website with nearly 30 games that reinforce Common Core standards in a fun and interactive manner. As a teacher or parent, you can ask your children to load up and rest assured they are practicing the basic skills needed to succeed in school. Developed by an elementary teacher with childrens’ education in mind, has games for math, reading, spelling, and language arts. There is no need to sign up for an account, and all games are free for anyone to play. 
    Because the games at are simple, easy to load, and focus on specific skills, they make great centers. One of the more popular games is called Snowball Fight. In this game, children are presented with a math problem and have to throw a virtual snowball at the “bully” whose shirt contains the correct answer. Another game allows the children to control a storm cloud, containing a short passage. Below the cloud are three trees. One of the trees contains the main idea to the passage in the storm cloud, and the child gets to send a bolt of lightning to the tree with the correct answer (great sound effects in this game!). 
    Games at are also a great tool for children who finish their work early, or perhaps, those who may need to work a grade level behind to reinforce certain skills taught in earlier grades. Many games offer a choice as to what grade range the student would like to play. Some of the games even track a letter grade and can be used as a form of basic assessment by parents and teachers. 
    Many of the games also allow two players (or groups) to complete. Tic-Math-Toe is a great game for two children to play against each other; they are not permitted to place their X or O on the board unless they get a math problem correct. Flash Card Races is a game where two groups can compete on a Smartboard (or other projected screen) to see how quickly a child can get an answer correct. It tracks scores, allows the children to create team names, and even gives them options on the rules of the race.
    Whether the games at are used in groups, with a friend, or simply in isolation, children are learning and practicing the skills needed to succeed in elementary school. The next time one of your students is finished and says they have nothing to do, have them load up a few games at and enjoy learning

There are some great games for K/1 as well as uppers there. I have asked Brain if he was going to continue to add games to the site and he said he would. I am excited to see what new games he is going to add! 
I am thinking these will make great whole group games in kinder! 
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Learning To Glue

Hiya peepers
Shuna here
Summer is almost over so you know what that means
The dreaded first week of school
I am pretty positive that teachers fear it more than the students 
One of the first things that I do with my incoming kinders is show them how to glue. We spend the whole first week learning how to use glue properly. 
Does anyone else have to fight the battle of the glue every year?
I seriously have nightmares about glue taking over my classroom!
In the past we would sit in a circle and I would give each kiddo a bottle of closed glue.
After the kidletts explored the glue for a bit I would ask them to squeeze the bottle to show me how to use it
Mine you the bottle is still closed at this point!
It  was interesting to me to observe them use the close bottle of glue because I got to see the students who would need extra help 
The ones who were trying to squeeze the life out of the bottle
The ones who were treating the bottle like a baby and weren’t squeezing enough
and the ones who had it down
After watching, I told the kiddos that we were going to do a little experiment
{ Insert excitement here}
I called a couple of students to the front and gave them a bottle of opened glue and a paper plate and let them go. I told them to squeeze as hard as they could
After the little experiment we talked about what would happen if we were doing our work and the glue spilled all over our paper?
I think it is super important to explore the wrong way and the correct way so that they can see the difference
Next I plan to read the book Too Much Glue
I was sent this book and I am in love
Like puffy heart love!
Here is a quick snapshot of what the book is about
Matty, is a little boy who has a crazy obsession with copious amounts of glue! 
This obsession lands him in a very sticky situation 
One day while in art class Matty decides to use the fullest bottle of glue that he could find
Matty pours the glue all over his desk, adds paper and sequins and sparkles, and with a plop and a shout of
 “Geronimo!” leaps on top of the desk to add the final decoration: himself! But when Matty tries to get up, 
he boings right back down
I know that my kiddos are going to get a kick out of following Matty and his glue explorations
If you would like your own copy click  here 
{ Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for your chance to win your own copy!}
One way that I plan to combat the battle of the glue is to try glue sponges in my classroom this year
I have heard great things about them and decided to give them a shot
I picked up some cute containers from Dollar Tree and made a class set
I am pretty excited about these….
probably way more than I should be!
 Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard  made a super easy video tutorial that you can check out  here 
 Now I know that it is also super important to have the kiddos using  glue the regular way so I  plan to send a lot of time letting them use glue bottles.
I suck at taking pictures of my students when we actually do an activity
But I use the sheets below to get them practicing those gluing skills
You can get these here 
Some other ideas for gluing practice are: 
*A great way to teach students how to glue lines  and curves is by having them trace the alphabet using thin lines of glue and adding a dab of glitter once they are done
You can get these here 
* To teach how to make a small dot  the printable alphabet sheets with the dots in them are perfect!
These sheets were designed to teach kidletts how to paint with a q-tip, which is a great idea by the way, but you can re-purpose them and use them for gluing practice
To pick these up you can click here 
*  Alphabet coloring sheets are also a great idea to get some gluing practice in
The ones here are great because the letters are skinny enough to make thin lines of glue. You want to stay away from coloring sheets that have thick bubble letters because they encourage students to use too much glue. 
Here are a few more gluing practice sheets that I will be using 
Caitlin’s from Kindergarten Smiles 
Mrs. Miners from Miners Monkey Business 
Little Miss Kindergarten’s gluing practice page
For more advance gluing practice you can use these sheets below
Okay I know this have been a super duper long post and it has taken me forever to write it BUT it is coming to an end
{ Insert a celebration jig here 🙂 }
Since I rock as a blogger I asked Marissa if she would let me give the book away to one fabulous peep
and she said yes!
That rocks for you
You can enter to win your own HARD COVER of the book by entering on my FB fan page
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Back to School Shopping, New Packs and a Freebie

Hiya there peepers 
Shuna here
BTS time is here
and it sucks
I was just getting used to summer….
I try to hold out as long as I can but the commercials get me every time
I am too excited about seeing the new Target commercials

the ones last year rocked

I may or may not have a teacher watch party going on with a few of my friends

Its kind of a big deal

These two were my favorites from last year
I received a box of goodies from Oriental Trading perfect for back to school time

I am in LOVE with Oriental Trading for sending me all of these fab goodies!!!! I think I get more excited than the kidletts when I get gifts!
( OT sent me the goodies but I am not being paid to write about them)

I did get some shopping in for me too

I have a teeny tiny problem with custom Converse

I have seriously designed and bought five different pair this summer along

Ugh…… I have problems

Expensive ones at that

Anyhoo, here is my latest pair

Aren’t they purdy?!

I have uploaded several new packs

Calendar Set
Job Chart
Word Family Bundle

Now on to the freebie

Here is a freebie from my Word Family Bundle

Click the pic to score

Oriental Trading is letting me host a giveaway! One lucky follower with win a $25 gift card that will be perfect for BTS shopping!

Peace Out Peeps

A Freebie Hop

Hiya there peeps!

Shuna here

So we have finally arrived at the time to announce our BIG SURPRISE….which is good because I seriously was about to bust……I just HAVE to tell you!!!



Me and 41 of my closest Kinderland friends have come together for the 4th of July to give YOU a gift — 42 wonderful freebies!! You work so hard all school year long we thought it was fitting for you to receive a gift in the middle of the summer.

Anyone like freebies?
Here is your opportunity for plenty of them!!

Start  at Jeannie’s  Facebook page. Find this button:

and click — there’s a freebie inside AND a link to another fanpage and another freebie! Click all the way through until you gather 42 freebies! 🙂 When you arrive back at my fanpage, you know you are done…..Happy Hopping on 4th of July!!

P.S. We are starting our hop at 9 p.m. central on July 3rd (I know some of you will be busy on the 4th). The hop will be over at midnight Hawaii time (about 5a.m. on July 5th)…..So grab them while you can!!

Peace out Peeps

Have fun on the hop