Word Families!

Hiya there peepers
Shuna here
Today’s blog post will be all about word families!
I know, I know
it is summer and you probably don’t want to think about going back to school. 
It’s never too early to start planning right?!
Word Families are a fun way to teach the kiddlets how to read!
We all know the first words that kinders learn right?!
I, see, and cat
I love when my kiddos say, “Ms. Patterson I know that word it is bat!”
So, why are word families so important?
It is proven that strong readers are ones who can decode new words based off their knowledge of previous words. When a child can do this then they will be able to read fluently and with confidence. 
Here is a quick look at some of the things that I use to teach word families
I first start by introducing the words at the beginning of the week
I have these word fam posters that I love. I also have some poems that we use everyday. The poems are so helpful for my students because they put the words in context for them. After a week studying each word family the posters and poems move to the word family station where the kiddos can continue to reference them during their centers. 
One cool thing that I found this year was Prezi! I love, love, love them and so do the kiddlets
They love the interactive nature of the Prezi

Jessica makes a lot of word family prezis(sp) that you can check out here for FREE!
I also use flour pans to provide that hands on interaction

These are great to use during GR and helps the kiddos really connect the letters in each word together.
Left over eggs are an  awesome and cheap center

Letter Beads are great too!
I have talked about this site a lot but I love Mrs. Jones room
I am a musical person so I have to have music playing at all time
Mrs. Jones has some cool songs that we use to help us remember our words
Click here to check it out 

In other but related news
I posted some new word family packs today!
I am so excited about these. 
Here is the latest in my word family series
The -AP word family
I also finished up 3 Read It, Do It, Make It Packs
I am so excited for my kinders to use these
They love using letter beads and playdough
So I combined 2 of their favorite things

These are in my store and are between $1.25-2.00
( You can click here, here, and here to check them out)
Since I am making a series out of my Code Crackin’ and Read It, Do It, Make It packs
I have decided to bundle them together
I have decided to go ahead and post the bundle now at a lower price and will update it each time I create a new pack until the bundle reaches the max size of 100 MB.
There are 3 Code Crackin packs and 3 Read It, Do It, Make It packs included in the bundle right now
The total value of this pack is 16.50 
I am posting it for $10
each time the pack is updated the price will go up
For today only
Sunday, June 16th 
I will post the pack for $7!
If you get it now you will be able to download the pack whenever it is updated and have all the new packs
Peace Out Peeps
Hop you have had time to kick up your feet and relax.

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