Shut the Front Door!

Hiya there peeps 
Shuna here
I just discovered a cool new trick in Powerpoint today!
I was playing around with Powerpoint today and discovered an easy way to save your work as JPEGS/PNGs! 
Did you know that you can insert all your jpegs/png into a powerpoint on different slides?
I didn’t
Oh my word 
My world stopped!
This is going to save me so much time!
Pay no never mind to my voice
I am sure I sound like a 12 year old 🙂
For the record I save all mine slides as png files because they are clearer

The process is the same to save your work as png instead of jpegs

***Sorry Mac peeps but this will only work on a PC***
Peace out Peeps

16 Replies to “Shut the Front Door!”

  1. I have a question for you. I watched the video. Your post says you turned your slides into JPEGS. I saw you turn them into PDF's. Am I not understanding? Also, what is your use for putting them into one file and turning them into PDF's. I am just learning about these things and am curious.

    1. I create all my products in powerpoint. Once I have finished the doc and have it the way that I want it I then save all those slides as pictures, I like jpegs, so that they graphics are secure. You can find this option under your save as drop down menu. Once I have them as pictures I then open up a new powerpoint and then reinsert the secures picture files in. The pdf makes it further secure so that it can be uploaded to TpT

  2. Just commented but it disappeared. Sorry if this double posts 🙁

    Such a fab tip! I am trying it out asap! Question for you though: do you ever get fuzzy prints when you use the jpegs? We've used them in the past and sometimes the text comes out fuzzy. Wonder if it's something we're doing or may just be because it's a jpeg.

    Love ya girl! Thanks for the hot tip!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

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