FB Fan Freebie plus a New Pack

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
Someone please tell my brain that it is on summer break
Seriously, it is like I am not even on break
My alarm still sounds at 5:20
I get up by 7 and
work ALL day!!!!
My brain will NOT stop
So the result of an overactive brain is decor for my new classroom
Exhibit A

I spent my morning making this cute transportation clip chart and editable sub list.

I had a tiny room and by the end of the year it seems like all the paper had taken over so this year my goal is to streamline everything


If you would like

You can check it out here 
Exhibit B
I have been working for the last couple of hours getting my fan freebie widget up on FB. 
I think I have finally figured it out
Hop on over and check it out
Peace Out Peeps

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