Fabulous Feedback Linky and a Winner!

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
Yesterday I had a teeny tiny giveaway and today I have the winner
In case you didn’t find him here he is below
The winner is 
your email is on its way!
I am linking up with Christina from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge
So here goes
I so appreciate feedback! It makes me work so much harder. I love what I do and I am so glad that someone else does too. Thanks Sharon for filling my bucket! My own students loved the awards so I was thrilled to read that others students were too. 
Next up is some fabulous feedback on my Book It! forms
This feedback was truly awesome because it was on a FREEBIE! Freebies are shown little love these days. I am guilty of needing something really quick and in a pinch that I don’t always leave feedback so I am so glad that Fmahalo took the time out to leave me some love
You can pick up this freebie by clicking here 
So to my fabulous feedback leavers, fmahalo and Sharon Kluttz email me to receive a product of your choice! {pocketofkinders@gmail.com}
Do you leave great feedback on purchases? Yours could be picked next month and you will receive a pack of your choice!
That is all for now
Peace out Peepers

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