Everything Center Pack, A Freebie Update and a Sale!

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here

I hope you are enjoying your summer

Can you believe it is slipping away so quickly

I mean HELLO

it is the end of June

Stop the presses

When did that happen?!

Time to get back to planning for school.

After July 4th it is down hill from there

I will be going to my classroom trying to get it set up

Since I am new to the school I know that I am going to have to do a lot of purging in my new room


If you have been following my blog you know how much I love centers. They are my favorite part of the day.
If you have never done centers before they can be a bit overwhelming 
but they are so worth it because they allow your students to explore and learn in ways that are fun and engaging to them. 
They also build great social skills like cooperation, sharing and problem solving. 
I love planning centers for my students and watching them explore, is awesome
My room looks like a hurricane during centers but the kiddos so enjoy the time
One of my coworkers asked me to make a center pack for them…LAST YEAR
and I am just now getting finished with it
This puppy has taken me forever to finish
I wanted it to be a guide for new and veteran teachers alike to show how to set up and implement centers. 
I am happy to say that I think I accomplished just that

You can check out this pack here

If you are looking for a more ink friendly version I also have this pack available in white with dots of color

You can click here to check it out

Moving on
I updated another atrocious freebie!
I made some general center recording sheets, my first year of teaching, that I shared on here
Umm if you downloaded it I am so, so sorry
Please don’t hold it against me
I had no idea what I was doing
Anyhoo, if you would like the new and improved version 
Click away

I  along with  some my KINDERLAND friends are hosting a 1 day sale!

I know that July is going to be crazy nuts with trying to get my room set up
so  I am going to be shopping too!
You can also get everything you need for the school year while it is on SALE!

My store will go on sale Sunday morning till 12 Sunday night CST time

Click the pic to get your SHOP on

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That is all for now

Peace out Peepers

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