What’s New and a Sale

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
It is Teacher’s Appreciation Week
Does your school do anything special?
At my school the kiddos do something special for the teachers everyday
Today was bring your teachers flowers day
I had a kiddo bring me in some flowers this morning
He smiled bright and said, “Ms. Patterson these are for you!” 
I thanked him and went to lay them on my desk when he summoned me back
“Hey, Ms. Patterson,” he said
you know what
What, hunny
They are FAKE
Umm okay
Was my reply
They are fake so you can keep them forever!
Aww kinders aren’t they sweet
Have you heard?
There is a sale going on
I don’t know about you but I have a slight problem when it comes to shopping
When someone says sale I come running
I know that I can’t be the only one
The fun starts at midnight tonight!
Don’t miss this one
Here are a couple of new packs that I just uploaded 

Peace Out Peeps

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