A Red Carpet Affair

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here

Anyone else experience the mad dash that is the end of the school year?!

I have been slowly packing up my classroom and was almost finished when this happened

The whole freakin shelf gave up on life and decided to take the plunge

The end result is this mangled collection of once neatly stacked  classroom goods

On the freakin  FLOOR!

Needless to say nothing else got accomplished that day

Whew, we made it
Today was our Kindergarten Program

Err last week was our program and I am just now getting around to finishing up this post, eeks!
I thought we would never get to this day 
but we did and it turned out all to be all kinds of cuteness!
For our program we decided to do a red carpet event!

Check it out

The kiddos got to invite their parents and three guests to their graduation

So I thought it would be cute for each student to address their invites to their guest

They turned out so cute

Some of our decor for the graduation celebration

For seats we covered some crates with a black sheet and TADA!

Each student did their own star and handprints

A view of the whole shebang

After the kiddos graduated their enjoyed a fab breakfast with their parents

One of the songs that we sung doing our program was a remix to Heard it Through the Grapevine

It is so cute

Click the grapes to hear my kiddos practicing this song

I created a lot of printables to use with our program and I thought I would share them
I have made them editable so that you can use them to suit your needs
You can pick them up by clicking the button below

Okie dokie peeps 
I am out!
This year dragged along and I thought we would never be done
The first thing that I did when we go out was go immediately to Sonic!

Happy Summer

Do you have a end of the year program theme?

I am linking up with some of the Free-licious girls

May Fan-ta-bu-lous Freebies

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Peepers
Shuna here
It is that time again
Fan-ta-bu-lous Freebies
I know I am late
One of these days I am going to get this post out on the first day of the month
but that would be too much like right, wouldn’t it
Here are my 10 picks for the month of May
Make sure to stop by and leave a little love if you pick up these fab freebies

 Click each pic to get the freebies

Click here for the Digi Paper

Click here for the Bubbly Frames and Digi Paper

Clck here for the clipart

Okay that is all for now peeps

Peace Out

How many more days do you have till summer break?

Our Week in Kinderland!

 Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
Oh, my word! We have 8 days left and I don’t know if I am going to make it
Between the stress of getting together the kinder program
Living out of boxes
and the overall stress of this year
I am banging my head up against a wall
I can make it…..
I hope
We have been having some fun in Kinderland these past few weeks
Check out some of the awesome that went on in room 11
We finished up our Worm Unit
Here are some crafts that my teaching partner came up with 
Aren’t they cutie pooties 
We have been hard at work reviewing and making sure that we are ready for first grade
I use these sheets for morning work and they kiddos love them!
Easy Peasy 

In math we have been reviewing Place Value
The kiddos make Little Dinos for our Place Value on Fire display
Aren’t they cute?!

The kiddos picked a number and demonstrated that number using cut up post it notes!
They turned out so cute

I got the Dinos here from Tracey 

What’s New and a Sale

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
It is Teacher’s Appreciation Week
Does your school do anything special?
At my school the kiddos do something special for the teachers everyday
Today was bring your teachers flowers day
I had a kiddo bring me in some flowers this morning
He smiled bright and said, “Ms. Patterson these are for you!” 
I thanked him and went to lay them on my desk when he summoned me back
“Hey, Ms. Patterson,” he said
you know what
What, hunny
They are FAKE
Umm okay
Was my reply
They are fake so you can keep them forever!
Aww kinders aren’t they sweet
Have you heard?
There is a sale going on
I don’t know about you but I have a slight problem when it comes to shopping
When someone says sale I come running
I know that I can’t be the only one
The fun starts at midnight tonight!
Don’t miss this one
Here are a couple of new packs that I just uploaded 

Peace Out Peeps

What’s Sprouting? Summer I Hope

Hiya there Peeps
Long time no chirp, huh?!
This time of year is crazy busy
We are in full practice mode for our end of the year kinder program which is super duper stressful
Teaching 80 kiddos 4 different songs, movements, skits, and poems is not really a good idea
The end will be cute
The process not….so….much….
On top of that I am relocating to a different state 1 day after school’s end
Who signs up for that?!

But I am excited to make the move


Here are a few of our kinder happenings over the last couple of weeks

We planted our marigold seeds and they just started sprouting

We also have been reviewing in our centers

Race to 100 station

The kiddos rolled the numbered dice and move that amount of spaces on the chart

Great for counting and cardinality

Place Value Station

The kiddos used the base ten blocks to build each number and recorded their answer

Write the Room Station from Marsha
Click here if you want to check these out
This was one of the kiddos favorite stations!

We are deep into spring but we never did get around to doing these stations from Heather so I finally bought them out for the kiddos to use to practice their addition skills.
The kiddos didn’t mind the snowy penguins
Click here to pick this freebie up

Another place value station
Pick it up here 

We also did some summer writing and a cute craftivity from Amy

 They turned out so cute, right?!

You can pick these up here for the free

Lastly, we finished up our study of plants

Peace Out Peeps
Kick up your feet and relax
Summer is almost here
I can taste it
Enjoy the rest of your week

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a chance to win one of these

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