Worms Have Invaded Our Room

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
We just finished up our study of worms and boy was it fun!
I did this theme last year for the first time and the kiddos went nuts 
so I knew I had to do it again this year! Click here to check out my kiddos last year
I started the day by showing the kiddos a box and they had to predict what we were going to study this week
Since we just finished our oviparous unit I got things like ladybugs, eggs, and caterpillars!
We talked about some things that can’t be in the box and some things that could
The kiddos then went back to their seat and filled in their prediction sheet

My plan was  that after I showed them what was in the box we were going to have a little snack

I know everyone has seen the jello worms and I thought they were a super cool idea

So I went out and bought all the stuff I needed to make the worms/dirt pudding

For some reason I was under the impression that when making jello worms it would be just like making jello!

I didn’t read the directions

well because

I don’t need know stinkin’ directions to make jello

So what happen was an

Turns out I did need to actually read them because obviously I had no clue what I was doing!

This turned into a big watery mess!

Do not add cold water

I repeat do not all cold water

Read the directions

Moving on

I let the kiddos explore the worms for a minute then we did some animal experiments

We wanted to see if worms liked damp areas or dry areas so we did a little experiment and recorded our results!

The worms were a big hit with all but one little sweetie

She was not having the worms at all!

So I really wanted to try those darn worms again

I made sure to read the directions this time!

Who would have thunk it

Reading solved the problem that was the watery, disastrous worms!

I’d say they were a big hit!

 Click here to see the directions I used

We then build our very own worm hotel!

When we came back the next day

One of my partner teachers sent me this

After I stopped laughing I went to check on mine

They were still kicking

So we figured out the massive deaths were contributed to the sand being too dry!

If you create a hotel for worms use the sand sparsely and make sure to spritz each layer

Some of the worms were resuscitated and made it to the end of the week

No need to send P.E.T.A. looking for us

Here are a few extra pics from our week

The kiddos observed what happened in the worm hotel over the course of the week

On Friday we wrapped up our week

With some dirt pudding

Whew that was such a fun week

If you would like to study worms with your class

You can check out my Wormy Worms pack

Click below

We also watched two vids on worms
This Dragonfly TV Video
and this one from youtube

Peace Out Peeps
Have a blessed week

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