Oviparous Week!

Hiya there peepers
Shuna here
This week has been awesome
We watched the Reading Rainbow Videos
It was really cool because the kiddos got to see a real chick and turtle hatch.
Last year we hatched eggs and they stunk 
to high heaven
so I knew that I didn’t want to got that route again
Here is the vid that we watched
Here is a quick peep at our week
First we started off talking about what oviparous animals are and how to say the word
The kiddos were a mess the first day trying to figure out that word
After I told the kiddos what oviparous means I asked them to think of some other animals that lay eggs
I got everything for Zebras to dragons!
For Pete’s sake 
Boy did we have a ways to go
Anyhoo after I showed them some pictures they did a bit better
The kiddos then went and drew a picture of their favorite oviparous animals
How cute is this
The little ostrich is my favorite!
The kiddos then got to practice how how it is and how long it takes for an animal mom to build a nest
After the kiddos built their nest they put their baby egg in the nest
The kiddos had to take care of their egg for a whole week
Check out some of their cute journal writings

We talked about how snails eat their eggs once they hatch
This little baby is “hatching” a snail and she said hers was special because it didn’t eat its egg!

We also sorted oviparous animals
You can find the above printables and more here 
We also watched some cool videos on BBC
Be careful though and make sure you preview first
The fish one was a little much!

that was such a fun week

and this isn’t even half of what we did! I left my camera at school so I will post out other adventures sometime next week

Next week we will be doing Worms!


I have a little freebie for you that you may want to check out

Peace Out Peeps

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