Best Websites for the Littles

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
Are you always on the lookout for fun and cool websites for the littles
Check out some of my favorite websites for little peeps
First up is Gus and Inky
Have you heard about them
It is a cool interactive movie that is educational
There are 3 or 4 videos
I can’t remember
The videos go from easy to harder and they focus on beginning sounds all the way to working with compound words
Moving on
Professor Garfield is another one of my all time favorite websites for the kiddos to use during computer station
I love Orson’s Farm and Fishing for Phonics
Sheppard Software is a great site for beginning phonics skills 
and GREAT for math skills such as place value and addition and subtraction
While we are on the topic of math
Fun4theBrain has some cool addition and subtraction games also
Abcya! is always a great fall back plan
Cookie is another site that I use frequently
It is very beginning level 
so it is perfect for my littles that are not where they should be
My last favorite is BBC
The kiddos always get laugh out of these because of the British accent!

When you go to the site click on the two fields to find the games
Links to Other Websites
The last site is a collection of  websites that are organized by grade and skill
Internet4Classrooms is a great site to find games and activities for a plethora of skills
I am linking up with Tessa from Tales for Outside the Classroom
Hop on over to find more fab websites
That is all for now
Peace Out Peeps

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