Be Free Mr Worm! { Freebie Update}

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna here
If you have been reading you know that we had tons of wormy fun last week but we never did get around to freeing the worms…until today!
We are already deep into our plant unit so we figured it was time to say goodbye to our slimy friends!
The worms didn’t want to be set free
It took us a while to find them

Bye little worm
It has been fun!
Today I had a light bulb moment
You know when you see an idea and it is so simple that you think, “Hey why didn’t I think of that!”
Well I had one of those moments today. I have somewhat of a small room with limited space so I am always on a mission to fight the clutter
Especially during center time
With all of the center material, anchor charts I can statements and teacher models 
the paper can take over quick! So here is a simple idea to reduce all the paper and it involves a 3 ring binder.
I use tubs and bins for my math and literacy stations but when I do science stations I am really struggling with where to put the materials for science centers. So the idea that my teaching partner had was to use binders with the clear covering. 
Inside the front cover are the teacher models so the students know what to do in each station
She did the whole sheet as a model
I won’t do that 
I would do a few so that the kiddos get the gist and actually work by themselves instead of just copying
Inside the binders I would put the recording sheets and a pencil pouch that could hold the scissors, glue sticks, pencils and markers that they would need.
The seed planting station

Isn’t that a cool idea?
Well at least I thought so!
So much easier for me to get my science stations going
and this could translate to other centers as well
The sky is the limit
Remember my book order post from here 
I have a ton of book order forms left over each month and the teacher in me knew that it was such a waste just to throw all those books in the trash
So I came up with an idea that would put those book order forms to use
It was a genius idea if I do say so myself
and this little diddy was birthed!
At the time I thought this was the cutest thing ever
Now that I look at it I cringe 
Every freaking time
It was driving me nuts
Nuts I tell ya
So today someone downloaded it and left some positive feedback and that was the last straw!
The ugliness has got to go
So long story short
I updated the file
Much better
Click below to pick it up
Okay that is all for now
Peace Out Peeps

6 Replies to “Be Free Mr Worm! { Freebie Update}”

  1. #1: That binder idea is BRILLIANT! I can see it working for my literacy centers too. I love that you can put the model in and stand it up.
    #2: LOVE your update on the book order activities! Just downloaded!

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