Task Card Tuesday on a Wednesday and CVC Blending

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here
Just finished this little diddy 
that I wanted to show you
CVC Blending Strips 
Included are 5 different versions
There are 30 words in all
These will be great for Guided Reading
Students can use these to progressively improve their blending skills
Beginning Sounds

 Blending the whole word with picture support
Ending Sounds
Medial/ Vowel Sounds
Blank Cards so the kiddos can practice blending the whole word on their own

Click here to check these out

I also just posted this weeks task cards

So they are a day late

Here are the Flip the Vowel Cards

All you need is an expo marker and you are all set

These are perfect for early finishers or a quick review

Here is the generic set that can be used all year

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