Is it Really Spring?! { Product Updates}

Hiya there peepers
Shuna here
It is finally feeling like spring after 2 weeks of crazy weather!
I can tell it is spring because I am sitting here sniffing and wiping my red eyes
The pollen is super thick
And my nose doesn’t like it one bit!
Since I was in a Spring kind of mood 
I finally finished up my graphing pack

Click here or here to check it out
Today my kiddos had a little spring fun and had an Easter egg hunt!
The kiddos had a great time finding all those eggs
It took me 4 hours last night to boil 6 dozen eggs!

I will definitely not be doing that anymore

Moving on

The kiddos excited to start the egg hunt!
After we got outside they ran loose!
It took 5 of us 45 minutes to put out all those eggs
and guess how long it took the kiddos to collect them all
2.5 seconds!
Here they are admiring their loot!

After we came back from lunch we dyed all those eggs that I boiled last night. 
I was on pinterest and I saw that you can use kool aid to dye the eggs
I thought it was a cool idea and wanted to try
They came out pretty cute if I do say so myself!
In other news
I have been sprucing up some of my older packs
I was so green when I first started!
Heck, apparently I didn’t even know my blog name
I would also put Pocket of Kinders on my pack
Umm pretty sure that isn’t it
I just revamped two of my units
If you have purchased them please redownload! 
They look 100 times better

—Chirp, Chirp—

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Alrighty now

Peace Out Peepers!

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Random Happenings! { Task Card Tuesday}

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here
This post is going to be a bit random and all over the place
but since you are here you probably 
already know that I am the queen of random!

This post has absolutely no rhyme or reason

The groundhog predicted that Spring was here, right?
Well according to my book he is a big fat L.I.A.R.!
Look at all this spring time weather
The weather seems to be on some sort of drug
It has been all kinds of random
Me no likey at all
Somebody please fix it
I just finished up this pack on Oviparous Animals and I am really proud of it!
This truly was a labor of love
There are a bunch of fun science goodies included in this pack! Click here if you would like to check it out!
—Chirp, Chirp—
How cute is this? We just finished up compound words 
Which was so much fun to teach
The kiddos really go into it
To concluded the unit we made these cute crafts from Hadar
They turned out pretty darn cute considering they did these all by themselves!
You can click here to see some vids that I used to teach compound words and pick up a compound word task card FREEBIE!
We also have been hard at work in our spelling stations

You can check out more about my spelling stations here 
This week is Easter week
We are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos at school on Thursday.
It is going to be a fun filled day
The one thing that I hate the most is stuffing all the eggs
Last year, no joke, it took me 4 hours to stuff those darn eggs
This year I can up with a genius idea
If I do say so myself
Child Labor!
Yep I put the kiddos to work stuffing their own eggs
—Chirp,Chirp, Beep—
We have started to learn how to tell time
This is one of the skills that I loathe to teach!
I found this cute idea for teaching the kiddos how to tell time from Amanda
That brings me to the Task Cards for this Week
Telling Time to the quarter
Click each picture to download
Read and Draw
Read and Write

You can pick up the other

Telling Time Task Cards here

I would love for you to sprinkle some love below and leave me a chirp!

Peace Out Peepers

Brain Breaks { Task Cards Tuesday Freebies and More}

Hiya there peeps
Shuna here
Spring Fever is in the air
and so are my allergies
I can already feel it
I love this time of year but my nose doesn’t
This week is our last major break till the end of the school year
That means two whole months of school 
The kiddos start getting anxious and so do I
The next two months are going to be crazy

Someone might have a major breakdown

To help my littles with their spring fever I tend to do a lot of brain breaks with my kiddos
Here are some of my favorites
Anything by Mr. Harry!

Can you believe I just discovered him?!
Boy was I missing out
This one is a favorite of my kiddos
I also use these for those indoor recess days
There are about 20 sample videos on the website that I use when we are stuck inside
The kiddos love them
but boy does it work them out
You can also check out a ton of pinterest boards here 
Moving on
Here are a couple of freebies that I have just finished!
Hope you enjoy them
I would love to know what you think
March Pocket Chart Sentences
Students build 5 sentences and record them on their recording sheet
This week’s task cards!
We started working on time last week  and will continue after Spring Break

There are two different sets for each skill
This set is the

Telling Time to the Hour {Read}
Telling Time to the Hour {Draw}
Telling Time to the Half-Hour {Read}
 Telling Time to the Half-Hour {Draw}
Here is the last set for the CVC words series
Click here to get the Lucky Sound Cards {Beginning}
Flip the Vowel Cards {Medial/Vowels}
and the last set
Whew that was a lot
Hope you enjoy
I would love for you to leave me a chirp
Peace Out Peepers

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10 Fan-ta-bu-lous Freebies for March

Hiya there Peepers
Shuna here
I know that I am a little late with the fan-ta-bu-lous freebies this month
Umm I really don’t have a great excuse
So I am not going to even try to make up one
So lets get down to business
Welcome to the March List of Fan-ta-bu-lous Freebies
So the first freebie is from one of my blogger friends
Just released 2 more cute fonts
I have a small obsession with fonts

Click here to pick these two up for free
We are going to begin contractions after Spring Break and while I was searching for some resources I came across these
Number 3 a super cute craftivity
This cute craft from Lindsey from The Teacher Wife
The cute Number Talks from Katie King will make the perfect discussion starters for math

The next blogger

I am sure you know

If your have ever visited you know it is all about glitter and mustaches

Check out Greg’s awesome freebie page that he updates weekly

Here is a small sampling of what he has on his freebie page

What’s a Fan-ta-bu-lous Freebie list without clipart

Not a very effective one in my book

I have a small, minute addiction to clipart

In fact I am even a card carrying member of

Click the button above to get your own badge of honor!

Ashley has a cute roll and cover game as well as some fabulous digi paper

Click the Friday Freebie button to score those

Ashley also have some cutie pootie frames that I just adore

Easter is just around the corner and these bunnies are oodles of cuteness

I love this last set! My boys will flip for this

We are just learning how to tell time in my class and these are two packs that I have used

The next blogger I absolutely love
Click the pic to check her out
Click here to get both packs 

Last one for today is my a MS buddy!

Make sure that you show a little love if you pick up some freebies

Peace Out Peeps

Happy Teaching

or if you are on break like me

Happy relaxing!