Task Card Tuesday Plus My Week in Pics{ Freebies Too!}

Hiya peepers
Shuna here

How is your week going?

This week has been pretty jammed packed for us with lots of fun going on

The kiddos are busting with excitement

We are going to celebrate our 100th day and Valentines tomorrow

This should be interesting


Here is our week so far in pictures

I laid these buckets out and asked the kiddos what they think we are going to do with all these


 The all screamed measure with them.

I love teaching measurement

There are so many fun things that you can do with this skill and the kiddos get really excited to get

to math time.

We measured using two different kinds of marshmallows.

The kiddos first had to estimate how many marshmallows it would take to measure each line then

use their marshmallows to see if their predictions were correct.

You can pick up the sheet we used here for free

After we finished that we couldn’t just throw the marshmallows away so we measured each other

 I even got measured

I am proud to say that I am 92 marshmallows tall!

Now with that being said I had a kiddo who was 81 marshmallows long!!!!!

Sad, I know that a kinder is almost taller than me

Here is a picture of me getting measured

Before I show you I must give you warning

I had to find a picture where I didn’t look like a beached whale

Everything looks different when laying down

Things start to move and go left all on their own


Don’t laugh

Its for the children

You may proceed at your own risk

 Next up is a look at some of our centers this week

We have been learning about compound words this week so I picked up this activity from the

lovely Kim at Kindergarten 365 


I love the brushball!

You can check these out here

This is my phonics listening center

Awhile back I got a couple of the Listen and Learn audio centers for Lakeshore and I love them!

They are so freakin good and direct the students to completing the boards step by step

This week the kiddos were working on long vowels

 Buddy Reading Station

Sorry the phone pics are crappy

Blending Words and Beginning Sounds

More beginning sounds

The kiddos matched the bee to its correct hive

Vowel Sorts
For Heather at Heather’s Heart

Click here to get this activity free plus a couple more awesome centers

Ending sounds from my Animal Talk pack

More CVC words practice

 and lastly

A long I and Short I sort from Deanne at First Grade and Fabulous

You can pick it up free here

Next week we are going to work on /ce/ words so I whipped these bad boys up for my kiddos to use. All you need is some letter tiles or expo markers and you are all set!


Peace Out Peeps

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