Morning Routine

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
So today I thought I would talk a little about my morning routine.
At my school students come to class at 7:25 and classes don’t start till 8a.m.

Wanna know how many students I have that come in at 7:25?

Well lets see!

I have 26 students

10 boys

16 girls

Can you say chatty catty

and the boys do more talking than the girls do

Drives me nuts

but that is another story for another day


Bottoms in class at 7:25


Yep I have 3 kiddos in my class when the bell rings

by 7:35 I might have

on a good day


Most of my students dot my door at 7:59!


Morning Meeting starts at 8!

Student come it at all different times so it is important to have something for them to do.
When my students come in they know to put up their binder and hang up their book bags and to get started on their morning work.
I keep my morning work in a green basket next to my front door. 

That way students can just pick up their sheet when they come in

No more spending 15 minutes running back and forth passing out papers!

The kiddos work on LA/Reading skills MWF and Math skills on Tues and Thursday

After students pick up their morning work they immediately get their white board from their bucket so that it is ready for when we start our morning meeting.

Here is a better look at my morning station

The red basket on the right is  one student work folder baskets.

The students only put their COMPLETED work in their folder.

Here is the marker bucket that is ready for students when they come to the carpet.
The person that sits next to the line passes the bucket down their row until it reaches that back of the room. The markers are in the socks so that the students don’t argue over what color they are going to get.

Because the students all come in at different times they have their independent readers in their table bucket that they can read once they finish their morning work.

All student supplies are also in their bucket for easy access.

 Also to reduce the chaos that is arrival time each table has a trash bucket that holds all their junk to cut out on all the walking.

Now what do you do with students who have not finished their morning work?

Morning work is very important in my class because we are basically a paperless class

So this allows the kiddos to practice much needed skills

If students are not finished with morning work or are waiting for me to check their paper they place it under their table bucket.

Now I know what you are saying this can get really messy!

At the beginning of the year we had several talks about being clean and neat.

Each table has a place mat

All of student materials have to be on the table mat and neat or they lose table points

When it is time to come to the carpet I play a movement song to help the kiddos get all their wiggles out before we start our morning meeting

I am linking up with Kelli from Castles and Crayons

Hop on over to see how others do their morning rountine

See ya tomorrow

I will show you how I do morning meeting

Till then

Peace Out Peepers

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8 Replies to “Morning Routine”

  1. Question… what about the students that do come in at 7:59 and you start morning meeting at 8…. Do they just get a paper, put their name on it, and put in the pile on their table. I have this problem too… I have lots of kids that come in last minute and really don't have to time to unpack and do morning work by the time I am ready to start my day. Do I let them skip MW, send it home for HW? Personally, it depends on the day and on what the MW is but I would love to hear what you do.

    1. Everyone does MW everyday! I always tell my kids to use their time wisely! That means that we we have free or dead time they pull out their work and get to it. When they finish other work early they work on any work that was missed. There are also dead times when we are getting ready to go to lunch when everyone is going to the restroom and washing hands and when we are packing up to go home.

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