Morning Meeting and Task Card Tuesday

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
Today I want to talk about my morning meeting

Yesterday I did a post on my morning work

So after we finish our morning work and do a transition song we make our way to the carpet to start our literacy block.

So before we get stared

Lets talk about how much I suck

I totally flaked and forgot to take pictures!!!!


I rummaged through my phone to scare up a couple of pics

I did a post last year about my morning meeting and it is essentially the same

So if you would like to check out that post you could click here

The first thing that we do is

go over our calendar.

I use Kathleen’s calendar pack on my smartboard.

 Love love love this calendar pack.

Makes it so easy to practice going over calendar skills.

After we finish calendar we go right into our phonics lesson

We always begin our phonics lesson with a quick review of our alpha sounds and vowel sounds

I found these vids from Kathy Griffin that I love and use every day

These things are awesome

After we do our reivew we go directly into our skill for that week

Our phonics lesson usually last about 30 mins and is different each day

This past Monday we learned about the H Brothers

We really talked about each brother and the distinct sound that each one makes

We then watched

I also bought this vid from Sam’s Club

We listened to the h brothers song

You can find it here 

Here are some great freebies that we used during our H brothers week

Sh Freebie from Katie King
Decoding Digraphs from Katie C
Digraph practice pages { Love these from HW} from What’s the Buzz
Digraph Prezi { Super Cool Interactive PP} from Ms. Jessica
Spring Time Sorting from Julie

After phonics we usually do our word family of the week

This week we are on the -ock word family

Check out this site for all things word family

Best of all it is free

Not too cute but hey it works

The last thing that we do before we go to lunch is our sight words.

Click here to see how I teach sight words.

We also do a sight word a day and really focus on that word the entire day.

These sheets really help the kiddos focus on each word.

If you would like to check out the sheets you can click here 

Now here is the weeks task cards

What comes before and after

Okay peace out peepers

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