Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
Do you know what hanitizer is?
If you teach Kindergarten you should know what this is
My kiddos always say this
Student: I need hanitizer
Me: No honey, sanitizer
Student: hanitizer
Me: /s/, /s/, /s/ sanitizer
student: hanitizer
Me: No baby remember when we talked about beginning sounds
The letter s say /s/ and the letter h says /h/
When we say the word sanitizer we hear the /s/ sound
Now  what is the word
Student: I got it now
Me: what is it
Student: /ssssssssssssssssss/ HANITIZER
Me: {Hangs head and just points}
Just go get some
This pin says it all
Do your students drink the darn sanitizer?
Not literally drink 
But I swear my students act like their hands are super thirsty
They pump and pump and pump
They rub
and pump again!!!!
Do they not know how much sanitizer cost
We were going through a bottle a week
I was spending too much money on sanitizer 
Which seriously could have bought me a new pair of shoes
Not like I need anymore
I went to the mall to pay a bill and I walked out with these puppies
Cute right
The first day I wore these I went the whole day without knowing about the serious coolness that was going on in the back
I was walking down the steps on my way home
kicking up my feet like a horse
saying hey, hey, hey
check out this fun-ness going on in the back
Needless to say I almost fell face forward down the steps!
Anyhoo back to the sanitizer
I saw a pin of this a while ago but can’t find it anymore
This in no way is my original idea
All you need is a simple 
And you are all set
Try it!
You will love it
and you will even save enough money to buy a new pair of shoes!
Peace out peepers

9 Replies to “Hanitizer”

  1. I was on my way home from the store when I read your post….I immediately asked my back seat 4 yr. old "what's that stuff you use to wash your hands when you don't have water"….She says "oh you mean hanitizer??" Yup…that's it! πŸ™‚ I was going to mention the rubberband trick to help you out, but ….if you want it to look cuter you can always borrow the said 4 yr old's pretty hair ties, as well!

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