Compound Words {Freebie}

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here


Tomorrow  is my bday!

Whoo Hoo

I am getting old!

Gray hair is in my near feature!

These bones don’t work like they use to

Make sure you check back tomorrow for a special bday surprise


I just finished up this puppy
It has seriously taken me!
Here it is
My mini pack for introducing compound words
I created this little diddy to really focus on that compound words are two words that individually 
have separate meanings but when they come together they make a new word!
There are 18 unique compound words included plus a bonus acitivty
Click the pic if you would like to check it out

Here are some awesome videos that I have used to jazz up my lesson
Now on to the freebie
Compound Words Task Cards
These could make a great write the room center
A recording sheet is also included
I planned to make more of these to include in the pack 
but I got really tired of looking at that thing
I mean seriously it took me all of 3 weeks to finish up that darn thing
I need to find my mojo
I think someone killed it!
Where is summer break?!
Okie dokie
Peace Out Peeps
Make sure you come visit me tomorrow
I might have a birthday gift for ya!

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