Blend It! CVCe Work

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
Happy Sunday
Do you use task cards in your class? They are super easy and great for independent work.
I use them all the time as a time filler or for those kiddos that get finish in their center early!
They can also be used as a  center themselves

All you need is some letter tiles or an expo marker and you are all set

I have been creating a bunch of these and it is my plan to post a new set every week for yall to pick up
The first set is to practice CVCe word or silent e words
Click the picture to scoop them up
Lastly, don’t forget the Super Sunday sale that is going on on TpT and TN
Isn’t this button super cute?! Lindsay at Primary Polka Dots did it
Make sure to stock up during the big sale and don’t forget to use the code SUPER to save even more

Peace Out Peepers
Enjoy your Sunday

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