More Measurement Fun {Freebie}

Hiya Peepers

Shuna here

We just wrapped up our measurement unit

This last week we studied capacity

We have lots of hands on fun and the kiddos loved every second of it

Although it was fun, 

Let me tell ya 
This has got to be one of the most frustrating units to teach besides time and money!
The kiddos have a hard time trying to think critically when it comes to measuring things.

Here are some things that we did this week and some goodies that I used to help me teach this concept

First up we used these lovely posters from Angelica

to review all different types of measurement

We did some sorting using this freebie file

Which was also a great review of all the other kinds of measurement that we had previously covered

To introduce the lesson I placed lots of containers in front of the students and we discussed how much they think each container will hold and put them in order 

The kiddos then got to explore using water, cereal and marshmallows

The marshmallows were left over from previous math lessons

and we are going to use those bad boys for a long, long time

I laid out lots of different sized objects to measure with and the kiddos gradually began to see that the larger the object that they measured with the less work they would have to put in to fill their container

The little one the left quickly figured out that it took a long, long time to fill container so she decided to cheat a little

Awe, kinders

We also used our estimation skills to predict how many scoops each container would hold

Some of the kiddos still had a hard time seeing that width and height makes a difference

The kiddos will be doing lots more hands on experiments in centers so that they can explore this concept more

First thing the kiddos did was order the containers from which they thought would how the least to which ones they thought would hold the most

The kiddos mostly got all of them correct

But I let them explore and fill the containers with water and then we labeled and discussed why their estimations were correct or not so correct

After we finished the kiddos could all tell me why the one in the middle held more then the one after it

To finish up the week

I put the kiddos in groups of three and set different containers around the room and the kiddos had to rotate to each station and determine the capacity of each container.

We used our enVision workbook page to complete this activity

This little page is about the only good thing about enVision

I H.A.T.E. it!!!!!

With a freakin passion


I laid several containers around the room and labeled them with a number

The kiddos used cubes to measure the capacity of each and recorded it on their paper

If you do not have enVision you can use this little diddy that I just whipped up

I wanted to call it Fill ‘Er Up

but thought that might have been a little inappropriate

After we finished up our little measurement unit we

took this little quick assessment from Busy Me Plus Three

For more ideas check out this awesome site for things to do step by step when teaching capacity

There are also some great freebies and a powerpoint that you can use

Peace Out Peeps

Teach On!!

Task Card Tuesday {Freebie}

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
Not much time today to blog
This girl is tired 
My right eye is getting really sleepy 
It is in a heated argument with the left eye
I do believe that the righty is winning
This is going to be a quickie
Like a wham, bam, thank ya …….
Umm is that too far left for an education blog?!
Here is your set of Task Cards for this week
These are to practice sound sub
This set focuses on subbing the beginning sound to create a new word
There are 12 cards in all
Here is the March Set
and if you would like to review this skill at other times of the year here is the generic set
Click here to check out the medial sound cards 
What  set of task cards would you like to see?

Leave me a comment and tell me what set you would like 

Don’t forget to enter my bday giveaway

You could win 5 items of your choice from my store

Click the pic to check it out

Peace Out Peepers

Compound Words {Freebie}

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here


Tomorrow  is my bday!

Whoo Hoo

I am getting old!

Gray hair is in my near feature!

These bones don’t work like they use to

Make sure you check back tomorrow for a special bday surprise


I just finished up this puppy
It has seriously taken me!
Here it is
My mini pack for introducing compound words
I created this little diddy to really focus on that compound words are two words that individually 
have separate meanings but when they come together they make a new word!
There are 18 unique compound words included plus a bonus acitivty
Click the pic if you would like to check it out

Here are some awesome videos that I have used to jazz up my lesson
Now on to the freebie
Compound Words Task Cards
These could make a great write the room center
A recording sheet is also included
I planned to make more of these to include in the pack 
but I got really tired of looking at that thing
I mean seriously it took me all of 3 weeks to finish up that darn thing
I need to find my mojo
I think someone killed it!
Where is summer break?!
Okie dokie
Peace Out Peeps
Make sure you come visit me tomorrow
I might have a birthday gift for ya!

Managing Center Material

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
Yesterday I got off work early and bought a cute new dress. 
Not like I need another.
I originally left work early because I needed to pick up a few things from the store for our math lesson but 3 hours later I didn’t have a thing for math.
What I did have was a new dress, a new pair of shoes and 1 Kit Kat Dark Chocolate bar!
Well I got in the car and started to drive away from the mall and started to open my newly acquired kit-kat bar.
I was expecting to find a crisp chocolate covered wafer bar but instead 
I got some nasty white cover mushy crap
Dang it!
I was already too far gone from the mall to turn around
I was really craving a chocolate fix.
So since I still hadn’t found what I was looking for math I decided that I was going to stop at CVS on my way home to get my kit-kat
Man, I was craving that little bar like a pregnant lady
CVS was a no go
So off I went to Walgreens…no go there
Off to Dollar Tree….you have got to be kidding me
Dollar Store….??????
Are you serious??????
I should have just taken my butt to Wally World 
but I detest going in there
I finally found my coveted treasure after visiting my 10th store
Wanna know what I learned:
 A crazy person will spend an hour driving around looking for 1 little candy bar 
I do believe the title of this post said something about centers
So I guess I better get to it huh?!
I have done a couple of post about how I set up my centers here and here
I wanted to share what I do this year to manage my center material

This is a look at my reading center buckets

Each bucket has everything the kiddos need for their center

If they are at a center that needs markers then they have markers in their bucket

If they are in a center that needs pencils, letter tiles or anything else their material is right in their center bucket

Have you ever been in your Guided Reading group and suddenly hear your name being screamed across the room?  Has the scream been so loud that you thought someone had literally killed over?
Where you shocked that the scream was actually coming from one of your littles

Who, ack,  has just discovered the lead in their precious pencil broke?

I mean oh my word

their world has seriously come to an end!


I was tired of my kiddos interrupting my GR time to ask me questions or generally try to get my attention

So I assigned my center captains a new job

I have a shelf of the most common things that we use in centers

Here is a closer look at some of the things that we use the most during centers

My students tend to have selective memory loss or sticky fingers

So when they need something for a center that is either too big or to replace a lost/broken piece the center captain can go here to check out the material.

This is the center supply bucket that sits next to the center material shelf

It includes glue, glue sticks, crayons, markers, pointers, scissors and pencils

When we get ready to go to centers the center captain goes and gets their center rotation card

Next to each animal ( my center groups) is a clothes pin that has a number on it

The clothespin represents who is the center captain for that group

Here is a closer look at the center card

On the back of the card are the group members numbers

The center captains each get a clothespin that they clip to their center card
When students need to check out material from the center station they come clip their clothespin in the spot that they borrow the material from.
That way I know who has what and the students remember where to put the material back 
Right under the center material bucket is the students’ center folder
The students place all of their recording sheets from centers here

Here is a quick look at how I organize math stations

I have a rolling cart thingy that I got from DC last year that I use for my math trays.

When we go to math stations the center captain gets their tray and takes it back to their center

Each tray contains everything that is needed for that station

In this station a pencil pouch holds the base ten blocks and the pencil tray holds that cards needed for this station. This helps keeps the kiddos and me organized.
If I didn’t have these things in the bucket the tray would look like a mess

Okie dokie

Peace Out Peepers

Morning Meeting and Task Card Tuesday

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
Today I want to talk about my morning meeting

Yesterday I did a post on my morning work

So after we finish our morning work and do a transition song we make our way to the carpet to start our literacy block.

So before we get stared

Lets talk about how much I suck

I totally flaked and forgot to take pictures!!!!


I rummaged through my phone to scare up a couple of pics

I did a post last year about my morning meeting and it is essentially the same

So if you would like to check out that post you could click here

The first thing that we do is

go over our calendar.

I use Kathleen’s calendar pack on my smartboard.

 Love love love this calendar pack.

Makes it so easy to practice going over calendar skills.

After we finish calendar we go right into our phonics lesson

We always begin our phonics lesson with a quick review of our alpha sounds and vowel sounds

I found these vids from Kathy Griffin that I love and use every day

These things are awesome

After we do our reivew we go directly into our skill for that week

Our phonics lesson usually last about 30 mins and is different each day

This past Monday we learned about the H Brothers

We really talked about each brother and the distinct sound that each one makes

We then watched

I also bought this vid from Sam’s Club

We listened to the h brothers song

You can find it here 

Here are some great freebies that we used during our H brothers week

Sh Freebie from Katie King
Decoding Digraphs from Katie C
Digraph practice pages { Love these from HW} from What’s the Buzz
Digraph Prezi { Super Cool Interactive PP} from Ms. Jessica
Spring Time Sorting from Julie

After phonics we usually do our word family of the week

This week we are on the -ock word family

Check out this site for all things word family

Best of all it is free

Not too cute but hey it works

The last thing that we do before we go to lunch is our sight words.

Click here to see how I teach sight words.

We also do a sight word a day and really focus on that word the entire day.

These sheets really help the kiddos focus on each word.

If you would like to check out the sheets you can click here 

Now here is the weeks task cards

What comes before and after

Okay peace out peepers