Watch youtube in the classroom!

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Before we get started you should definitely

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First up I wanted to share some new packs I just finished up

Place Value Scoot

TpT   or  TN
Sweet Treats

TpT or TN
Winter Rhyming and Blending

TpT or TN


I am linking up with Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle

for her Tech Tuesday post

Ever find a super cool video on youtube that would go just perfectly with a lesson that you have planned for?
Does your school block youtube?
Mine sure does!!!!!!
Don’t the big wigs know the amazing awesomeness that youtube has to offer
With a little help from my friends Tanja at Journey of a Substitute Teacher and Jen at the Teacher’s Cauldron
I have figured out how to “record” videos from youtube that I can show in class that gets by the school filters!!!!
This girl is jumping for joy!!!!
Notice all the exclamation points
Can you tell that I am excited?

It is super easy to do and free!

  Hop on over and check it out

Okie dokie
Peace Out Peeps

3 Replies to “Watch youtube in the classroom!”

  1. check out as well. You can create free account for short movies. We used to make the movies for center directions and let the kids watch at centers on Ipad or Ipods. Great for ones who can't read well. Imagine how cool it is to get your directions from a robot, or a talking Giraffe.

  2. I love using YouTube videos at school! They make such a great addition to a variety of subjects. I love your blog by the way and am a new follower! I'm just starting mine out. If you have time you'll have to come stop by.

    Have a great week!

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