Monday Mash Up { A Hodge Podge of Totally Random Things}

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
I hope your Monday has been better than mine.
It has been raining all day. I do not like rain
I do not like rain at all
Especially when the rain is of the freezing type
Dismissal was horrible
30+ minutes standing outside under a breezeway in freezing rain with a dress, tights, and rainboots on was not fun!
Oh did I forget to mention that it is a breezy 34 degrees today!
Silly me 
Anyhoo now that my fingers have thawed enough to type I can get on with my post
First up is the new Kinderland Google+ group
Have you heard about it
It is definitely the place to be for all things kinder
This is an amazing opportunity for bloggers and non bloggers to get together and share awesome ideas!!!! If you love you some kinder like I love me some kinder come check it out
We all  know that kinders are the best!!!!!
Hop on over and check us out 
You can also check out the Kinderland Pinterest board for some awesome ideas!

There are tons of great pins and ideas being shared

Reminds me of what pinterest used to look like when I first joined

You will definitely want to follow this board 

Speaking of Pinterest
I just recently decided to reorganize my boards
They were a hot mess!
I am talking stinky, oozing, icky mess!
Thanks Maria for helping me figure it out
I went in and put all of my boards in ABC order
While doing that I went and deleted a truck load of boards
Tell me when did I get 70 boards?
It was way too much to keep up with
I could never find the board I was looking for when I got ready to pin
I am much lighter now and sitting at 50 boards that are all in order
Want to rearrange your boards?
You can check out my newly arranged boards here
Are you still with me?
I told ya this was going to be a mash up of random things
While on pinterest I came across this awesome pin
I am thinking about making these for my coworkers for RAK Day on the 26th
Cute isn’t it
and simple too!
All you need is a clear frame some oh so cute scrapbook paper and a ribbon.
Add some post-it notes and you are all set
Check out this post for directions
—-Chirp, Chirp—
I have gotten so many emails about Meet Someone New Sunday feature
I decided that I would start back doing it
I loved reading about fellow bloggers
If you would like to participate 
click below and fill out the form
—-Chirp, Chirp, Chirp—-
I just finished up a fun little pack 
Have you seen this vid
My kiddos love love love this song
During our indoor recess we listen to this and have a dance contest
Talk about funny
It is hilarious!
I wish I could share the vid with yall
We have been working on addition and subtraction pretty hard so I thought that I would take something make a fun little pack using gangnam clipart
Check out this cuteness

We are using these in our centers tomorrow and I can’t wait to show you the pics
The kiddos are going to flip!
If you would like to have editable cards click here
One last thing
I have finally got myself together enough to open up my TN shop
Whoo Hoo me
If you would like to check it out click the button below
Everything is 15% off right now including the Gangnam pack

Peace Out Peeps

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