I am in School Supply Heaven

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
First off I would like to thank  everyone who participated in the FB Blogger Scavenger Hunt! It was a blast and I hope that you thought so too!
Now for the real reason for this post! I am so excited I had to bump the post that was scheduled for today, somehow I figure that you would understand
So I went to 
to scoop up this
and somehow came out with this!
2013-01-07 15.24.50.jpg

2013-01-07 15.24.56.jpg

I know what you are probably sayin’,

“That is one heck of a shopping trip!”

But I got all of these goodies for .10 cent a piece!

.10 cents people!

Here is a closer look at all the goodies I scooped up

90 spiral journals
100 cute file folders

Large Binders

Small Binders

My box of goodies

My receipt!
Check out the savings
474 bucks!

Okay be jealous
Very jealous!

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5 Replies to “I am in School Supply Heaven”

    1. I was just really lucky to walk into that Office Depot that day.

      They were trying to get rid of all the BTS stuff.

      They didn't even have the stuff marked down that low

      One of the workers spotted me and I must have had that teacher glow on because she came up to me and say that I could get as much as I wanted from the Clearance section for .10 cent!

      She probably shouldn't have told me that because I cleaned it out

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