Hiya peepers
Shuna here
This week we have learned about the “h” brothers
The kiddos had so much fun with it
We watched this video
Did a sort
{click picture to pick it up for free}
We also did some fun centers
Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300 makes the cutest packs and I was lucky enough that she sent me her 
latest winter pack! Oh my word
Let me tell ya it was so cute and the kiddos really had fun with it
Check it out
If you been reading my blog you know that I heart centers
I love center time
This year we have not been able to do centers like I have wanted to so I am so happy that we are 
now able to get back to our centers
They provide the kinders with much needed hands on practice
My kiddos still need a bunch of practice with cvc words so this center game was perfect
The kiddos first picked a word card and sounded out the word. Then the found the picture that matched 
the word and recorded the answer on their recording sheet and colored! So simple but it really helped 
the kiddos practice those blending skills!

My kidos are just now getting to the point to where what I have been saying and showing them is just 
now starting to sink in and stick! We have been working on beginning sounds and ending sounds since 
August and the kinder hearts would get one and I would be so excited then we would move on to ending 
sounds and they would get that but when we went back to review they seem to have forgotten  either the 
beginning sounds or ending sounds
I set this center out and the kiddos really took off with it
So cute and simple and got them to really focus on each sounds in the word.
They love the letters
Don’t know what it is about this class but they love them some letters
Vowel sounds sort

Counting sets
Some of my kinders still need help counting so this little center was perfect

Practice with skip counting
Before and After

LOve the recording sheets to help the kiddos show mastery!

Click here to check out Nicole’s product and download the preview for a freebie
Hop over to Nicole’s blog to check out her post

That is all for now peeps
Peace Out

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