Tech Tip { New to Me}

Hey all
Shuna here
Short post but I wanted to tell you about I quick tip that I just figured out
It may be common to some of you but what is common for everyone else is not really to me, ha
My folks always say that I am book smart but the common sense part flew right over my head
So don’t laugh or roll your eyes if you already knew this
I mean it
No rolling your eyes
Cause you know I can see that kind of thing
Here goes
I just figured out how to apply multiple clipart items in a powerpoint slide all at once
You know when you using clipart lettering and it is a pain to select each letter and insert it into a 

Font by Nicole and Miss Tiina Frames by Krista

Hope you found this little tip helpful

Oh and I should add that I am on a PC

I am linking up with Fern for Her Thursday Tech Tip

Peace out peepers

Have a great day

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