Teaching Writing and Some Freebies

Hiya peepers
Shuna here
I am in need of a serious mental break
I am counting down the days till I get to the much needed break

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So today’s topic is how do you teach writing?
I have blogged about how I use the 4 square method to help my kiddos develop their writing skills and
in past years it has been a very useful tool in helping my littles improve their writing skills! But this
year it is going much slower than I would like. My kiddos are just not doing well with it. They are able
to get 1 or 2 good sentences but they are not able to give anymore than that. They are having such a hard
time writing more than a few sentences on a given topic. So I have started sending a Write Away sheet
home with them each week. I was a little skepetical as to how it would go but it has been pretty good
and I am starting to see the results in class!

Here are the first few that I used in my class

I am planning to do a new one each week and uploading it for all of my peepers

I have updated these freebie and have added several more topics.
You can get the updated copy by clicking the pic below

I shared these writing cards a little while ago and I thought that I would post them again in case you missed them

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Enjoy and Peace Out Peeps

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11 Replies to “Teaching Writing and Some Freebies”

  1. Love this freebie! We're going to hit writing hard during 3rd quarter. It always makes me want to pull out my hair..lol! I totally hear 'ya on the break…I can't wait!!

  2. Love these! Have you made any more? Also, I noticed on the topic of pets, the Wednesday question looks like it should be "What do you and your pet like to do?" rather than "Where do you and you pet like to do?" I am just going to white it out and fix it for now, but would love to get an updated copy with the same font if you have the chance. Thanks so much for the cute idea and freebies!

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