Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
I am once again linking up with Farley 
for her monthly currently feature
Listening: I am sitting here listening to Etta James and NCIS while trying to finish up my MLK pack.
I must have noise to create. I can’t function when it is quiet
I have to have noise when I fall asleep too
I know
I am weird!
Lovin: This break!!!!!!!! nuf said
moving on
Thinking: 5 am next Monday is going to kick me in the rear
My sleep pattern is all kinds of jacked up 
Wanting: MacBook Pro
 I want it 
no real reason
just got this computer less than a year ago
but I want a Mac
So there
Needing: Nothing
I am blessed
I don’t have enough room in my house for all the stuff I have now
OLW: Laugh
It really is the best medicine
Many not solve all your problems but it will definitely make you feel better!
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Peace Out Peeps

10 Replies to “Currently”

  1. Don't worry you are not the only one who needs noise to get work done or to fall asleep to, I am the same way. My mind wonders if it is completely silent. I know it sounds backwards, but it is true. ­čÖé

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