Clipart Addicts

Hiya all
Shuna here
This is going to be a short post 
I came across this clipart sale a earlier this week and I almost didn’t want to share it
Have your every been to the digi-scrap website? Aisne makes some of the cutest clipart and she is 
such a sweetie
Check out some of her work

Are you ready for some good news?
All her sets are 1 buck
One freakin buck
if you hop on over right now you can buy her whole store
90 SETS for a whopping
wait for it
still waiting
10 bucks!!! Now that is an amazing deal
Hurry and go get your shop on
you only have till the 31st to scoop up this amazing deal
Peace Out Peeps

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  1. Thank you so much for the info. I just purchased her stuff and I let her know how I found out about her site. I don't have a store or a blog (maybe do y'all have time!?!) but in the meantime I can make some cute stuff for my darlins'. Happy New Year!

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