Vocabulary Parade and Pumpkins Oh My

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
This post is a tad bit late
Because I was too lazy to download the pics from my phone!
With the clock rolling back I woke up at my regular time so I got on up and I am going to attempt to get some work done before heading off to church!
Today is Sunday by the way even though I know you won’t be reading this till Monday
On Halloween my school had a trunk or treat for the kiddos and a vocabulary parade
To my surprise it was loads of fun
Check it out
A bunch of teachers and parents decorated their trunks and the kiddos got to visit each car and treat or treat
It was a huge success!
We also had a vocabulary parade
The kiddos really got into it this year and their costumes were on point!
Each kiddo received a word and they had to dress up as their word
Here is a quick peak at some of the fab costumes
The first kid’s word was delicious, the barn turned out so cute, the insect guy was too funny, and my little cocoon looks so sweet

Check out the giraffe, clown and answer

Now brace yourself peeps I dressed up too
Check me out
That is all for today peeps
Peace Out

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